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Plan to meet other Atlanta area people while riding and getting together at events.

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44th National Bikers Roundup Perry GA


The National Bikers Roundup is the largest camping motorcycle rally in the USA. This annual event is for motorcycle riders who enjoy the fellowship amongst like minds. For additional information please visit www.nationalbikersroundup.org.

This is a week long event however, for this day trip, we will meet up at 8:00 am at the QT on I-75 S on Hudson Bridge Rd - KSU 8:30 am. We will travel est. 86 miles to Perry, GA. Admission $30

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This route takes thru Cobb, Paulding, and Polk counties. If you've only got a couple hours to get your fix, and you are on the north side of Atlanta then this is a great little run.
Start at 41 and Black Acre trail in Acworth, head west on Blackacre Trail, which turns into Dabbs Bridge Rd, follow it to overlook Trail and make the left UP. Overlook trail is a quick twisty rd that reconnects to Dabbs bridge a couple miles down the way. Just make the left back on to Dabbs bridge and ride it all the way to 61. From there head south on 61 to Narroway Church Rd. This is a little loop that will keep you entertained with its curves and some nice scenery. When you get back to 61, just cross over and make the first Left onto School Road and a quick right on to Benson Rd. Benson Rd will head south and then turn west and loop you back onto Route 61. Head south again (take a left) and make a right at Braswell Mtn Rd. this is a fun, fast road with nice sweeping turns, no real twisties to speak of, but fun nonetheless. About 9 miles down the road you'll follow the fork to the right to stay on Braswell Mtn road and eventually turning right onto Knox Mtn rd. follow this to Route 113 and turn right for a little strait run until you get to Davistown Rd. turn right and follow this through some farmland until it dumps you back onto 113. Continue east on Route 113 to Route 61 and turn right. Southbound on Rouet 61 to Harmony Church rd. make a left and follow it over Dabbs bridge Rd all the way till it ends at Cedarcrest. Make a left and it'll take you back to 41.

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Written Directions

Start in Dahlonega, GA (not a bed destination itself) and head north out of Dahlonega on Route 60. Stay on 60N (it merges with GA 19) as it splits off to the left towards Suches, GA. Follow it (If you can) up to Suches, GA and hang a right on Route 180 (Wolfpen Gap Road). Stay on that till it dead ends in to US Highway 129/19. At that point take a right on to US 129/19 and follow it south back down into Dahlonega.


The route is in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest and drives around the base of Georgia's Blood Mountain. This is an exceptionally beautiful area in the fall as the foliage turns into a picturesque tapestry of red, gold, and green. And you'll have some incredible views up there as you pass through three mountain passes along the way: Neel's Gap, Hester Gap, and Stonepile Gap. If you want to get a feel for the views up there, visit a couple of the web cams from the nearby Brasstown Bald observation points.

Road Quality

This is the road to ride if you are looking for a challenge, and it should have been the first route submitted for Georgia. Either an oversight or a vain attempt to keep it a secret. GA 19 is great because it is 2 lanes up the mountain, allowing for very easy passing. 180 is much tougher as it is the width of a driveway with countless blind turns and steep elevation changes. The multiple memorials on the side of the roads are a testament to the challenge that lies before you and a strict warning to ride within your abilities, for your safety and for the safety of those you share the road with. Overall this is mountain road traveling at its best!.

Roadside Amenities

At the intersection of SR60 and 180 are two excellent motorcycle resources. TWO (Two Wheels Only) is a great bike restaurant and motorcycle hostel that serves up a fine burger and friendly service. Across the corner is Dale's, the spot where most of the bikes stop to refuel and the bikers stop to caffeinate. Along the route there are several pullouts to stop and enjoy the view. Also, along the way (where route 180 meets US 129) you will find beautiful Vogel State Park

Flash Rides - Lets go riding!!!!
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This is for people to post un-scheduled rides when they are looking for others riders to ride with on off weekends or during scheduled events that they are not going to attend.

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