What we're about

The Atlanta Songwriters' Club (ASC) exists for songwriter's who want to network with, relate to, become friends with, intermingle among, learn from, and give support to other songwriters. The crowd size and attendee make-up vary every week. You do not need to be a member of the club to attend.

WATCH OUR CLUB HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO HERE. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EEoq1qUJOs)

CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MEWE SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP. (https://mewe.com/join/atlantasongwritersclub)

SEE OUR LISTINGS FOR THE DATES, TIMES, AND LOCATIONS OF WHERE WE MEET. We have a stage, mic, keyboard, and DI plug-ins. You bring $5.00 to help cover the cost of the room.

If you have an original song, you perform it. Everyone (whether they perform or not) chats about it after the song is performed. Then we’re on to the next performer and we repeat.

Folks attend ASC for many reasons. To hone their craft, simply be heard by fellow creatives, soak up the creative vibe that feeds their soul, and even practice bits of their own upcoming stage show in front of people who can give meaningful performance feedback.

All people, music genres, and subject matter are welcome. The only rule is: Be nice and be kind and be willing to share; to get better at our craft, attendees are always truthful and open.

Don’t want to get any feedback? No problem. Just tell everybody when you get up on stage, and we’re good to go.

The Meeting Venues:
The famous Red Light Cafe (http://redlightcafe.com/) is famous! It's also a cozy Live Performance Venue that has hosted everything from local talent to international acts, every genre of music you can imagine, burlesque shows, club meets, and your very own ASC. We've also added Waller's Coffee Shop and Live Music Venue (https://www.wallerscoffeeshop.com/) to our meeting place.

Remember: Do NOT bring any OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK. Let's respect their support of our club and purchase their available foods and drinks.

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Let's Party! Midtown Atlanta

Red Light Cafe

BECAUSE OF THE COVID, DETAILS FOR THE END-OF-YEAR PARTY HAVE CHANGED. PLEASE NOTE: Per City of Atlanta rules: PERSONAL FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE SHARED. Therefore, a LIMITED MENU will be available for purchase. As always, DRINKS can be purchased. WE WILL HAVE AN OPEN STAGE FOR ANYBODY TO PERFORM AS THEY PLEASE! $5 CASH. See Angela to pay. Have you seen our Club Highlight Reel? Here it is. It's long but we couldn't fit everybody in unless it lasted about five hours. So, here it is at eight minutes long. https://youtu.be/0EEoq1qUJOs

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Open Mic / Song Discussion Midtown Atlanta

Red Light Cafe

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