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What we’re about

In the usage of 2600 Magazine and affiliates, the often loaded term "hacking" refers to Grey Hat hacking, which is generally understood to be any sort of technological utilisation or manipulation of technology which goes above and beyond the capabilities inherent to the design of a given application. An agenda for each meeting will be announced with every scheduled meeting. Usually we will discuss things that range from "hacking" to urban exploration, phreaking, lock picking, programming, discoveries, social engineering, and doing what hackers do best, drinking ;) After the meetings the organizer will probably go war driving (yes we still do that, RFID is /frighteningly/ big these days), dumpster diving or finding somewhere to do some urban exploration. Austin has a pretty large tech base, and no doubt some of you were interested in 2600 at one point in time. These days (no offense to any of you current subscribers) 2600 seems to have shifted its focus to a more ideological standpoint rather than anything with substance. Who remembers when 2600 used to be full of source code and schematics? We hope to bring the heart of the community together again, to share information and learn from one another. Bring your laptops and gadgets, and an open mind about the assortment of people that are brought together by our shared interest in the way things work.

Find us on IRC @ Freenode #atx2600