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Success Story--Perk Framework by Aaron Larner

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(meetup in conjunction w/ATX Javascript Stack Dev meetup (

Our success story for this meetup is Aaron Larner and his new NodeJs, web dev framework, Perk (!

Aaron generously credits his last job thanks to the MEAN stack meet-up. Woot! I (Monico) sent out an offer for The Iron Yard (, which Aaron caught on his radar and ended up teaching there for a year and a half. Aaron is now working remotely for Trello (, but while he was at The Iron Yard, he built out a bunch of NodeJs boilerplate code for his students to use on their final projects. Over the past year he's been polishing that up, and now he's releasing it as a new Node web app development framework that focuses on good documentation, tutorials, and stability.

The framework is called Perk (!

Perk ( uses express and can be set up to use Angular and Mongo, although it supports relational databases out of the box. More details at:


Aaron Larner is a Nutella addict turned software engineer and teacher focusing on Node.js and Javascript. He is a Member of Technical Staff at Trello ( where he works on automating tedious and time consuming things using code. When Aaron's not programming he enjoys volunteering to promote Computer Science education and diversity, rock climbing, baking and mentoring other developers.

You can follow Aaron at @alarner (



Lightning talk:

NodeJs Development at

* Building the Awesome HA Dev Team

* Open-Source-Software'ish, Inner Source Development

* Balancing GSD and App Crafting

* What it Takes to Be Technically Proficient at HA


-- Beginnings with the MEAN Stack meetup

-- Instructor Role at The Iron Yard

-- Developing Boiler Plate for Students

-- Boiler Plate Goes Live on GitHub

-- Introducing Perk! :-)


Food/Drinks: Thanks to Enola Labs (!

Enola Labs creates strategy and digital products to address complex business requirements using mobile, web and all the latest underlying technologies. We serve clients from venture funded early stage companies to the Fortune 500 seeking the best in mobile app development services, web solutions, custom software development, technical leadership and strategy.


Door Prizes: Looking for sponsors!

#MEANStack T-Shirts: Sponsored by Austin Fraser (

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This just in (10/5/2016): Looking for a new Opp as a Senior NodeJs Dev? Bring your resume to me at this meetup and let's talk!

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