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ATX Serverless welcomes Cloudflare!

200 W. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78701

6:00pm: Doors open, mingling + food + drinks

6:30pm: Intros, sponsor thank-yous + 5-minute spiels, logistics, etc. (Monico)

7:00pm: Talk 1: Working out Backend Knots with Workers - 20 minutes + Q&A
by Victoria Bernard

7:30pm: Talk 2: Build You A Router for Great Good - 20 minutes + Q&A
by Preston Pham

8:00pm: Talk 3: Achieving No Ops at Scale with Network Based Serverless - 20 minutes + Q&A
by Remy Guercio

8:30pm: Door Prizes (speakers pick winning tickets)

9:00pm: Event conclusion

Talk Summaries & Bios:
Talk 1: Working out Backend Knots with Workers

Description: Cloudflare Workers is a platform the makes serverless development and deployment easier than ever. A worker is a script running between your clients' browsers and your site's origin that can intercept requests. Let's go over some popular use cases of how proxy workers can dramatically improve your site's performance and add functionality that would normally require toying with complicated back-end services.

Bio: Victoria Bernard works as a full stack engineer on the Cloudflare Apps team. She graduated from UCLA with an Electrical Engineering degree where she fell in love with programming. Connecting her passions for working with people and tech, she's worked at Intel, Texas Instruments, eBay, and even a small startup in a variety of roles from support and sales to developer and CTO.

Talk 2: Build You A Router for Great Good

Description: Serverless computing is great but requires routing or some kind of API gateway. Let’s build a simple JavaScript routing library for your serverless Worker scripts. We’ll build a router from the ground up similar to other web application frameworks like flask or express.js.

Bio: Preston Pham is a Web Engineer at Cloudflare working on Stream, Workers and other shiny services.

Talk 3: Achieving No Ops at Scale with Network-Based Serverless

Description: While most major serverless platforms have done an effective job of abstracting the concept of a single server or group of servers, they have yet to make it as easy to deploy globally as it is to deploy to a specific region. Building global applications with region-based serverless providers still requires a significant effort to set up both frontend load balancing and backend data replication. Let’s explore how network-based serverless providers are helping developers build applications of all sizes with a true No Ops mentality.

Bio: Remy Guercio works as a Product Marketing Manager at Cloudflare where he focuses on all things serverless. While he no longer programs on a daily basis, he enjoys bringing new products and features to market that help developers spend their time solving new problems instead of deploying, securing or optimizing applications.

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