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Typical structure of AXTHPG's Monthly Hypnosis Practice meetup: The meetup will start with everyone introducing themselves. Please, keep your introductions short. Generally speaking, the meetup will have either a live or video demonstration of a specific hypnotic technique, then time for everyone to practice that technique or another hypnotic technique of your own choosing. As part of each practice, both the hypnotist and subject will discuss their experiences with each other. Time allowing, there will be a discussion at the end of the meetup where attendees' experiences can be shared with the entire group. You may video or take photos, if the people who are going to be in the video or photo give their permission before hand. No flash while people are being hypnotized in the area, whether they are in the photo or not. We often leave extra tips for the employees of the coffeehouse, especially if we don't buy much food or drink, but it's not required to do so..

Genuine Joe Coffee House

2001 West Anderson Lane · Austin , TX

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What we're about

Our meetups provide an opportunity to practice hypnosis inductions and practice producing hypnotic phenomena. You will alternate between being the hypnotist and being the subject during each practice session, unless you want to be only a subject.

This Meetup Group is for amateur and professional hypnotists and people who are curious about hypnosis. Everyone who comes to a meetup must be willing to participate in the practice sessions as a subject; everyone who comes may participate in the practice sessions as a hypnotist, regardless of their level of expertise in hypnosis.

Visitors from out of town are welcome to attend our meetups, whether they join the meetup group or not.

At least until the group has expanded, the emphasis will be on the non-therapeutic aspects of hypnosis. Rapid inductions, instant inductions, convincers, tests for somnambulism, classic hypnotic phenomena, impromptu hypnosis, street hypnosis, etc.

Usually a member will demonstrate a hypnotic technique and have a handout about the technique, which you may then practice if you wish.

Sometimes we may watch a video showing a hypnotic technique which we may then practice (As of 4-1-14, this hasn't happened).

Usually there will be a time for open practice, where everyone can practice whatever hypnotic technique they want.

This meetup is not connected with any specific hypnosis trainer or group. Whatever your training (or lack of training), you are welcome.

Most meetups will be open to anyone who wants to come, whether they are a member of this meetup group or not. So the number of RSVPs may not reflect the number of people who will be attending. I will be posting information about the meetups on various websites and I encourage you to do the same. Even if you won't be coming to a meetup, you can help by getting the word out.

The strong emphasis of this group is on one-on-one practice, but meetups may also be posted about public hypnosis related events such as stage hypnosis shows, hypnosis conventions, member's street hypnosis events, etc.

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