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This month, James Hazlerig will talk about his adventures in Las Vegas at the Hypnothoughs Live convention he attended earlier in the month. James not only attended but was also one of the presenters at the conference.

After his talk, we will split into pairs to practice hypnosis with each other, as we do every month.

Note: The HypnoThoughts website: Highly recommended, several members of this meetup group are members of Membership is entirely free.

The meetup will almost certainly follow the monthly meetup's typical structure (see below).

Typical structure of AXTHPG's Monthly Hypnosis Practice meetup:

The meetup will start with everyone introducing themselves. Please, keep your introductions short.

Generally speaking, the meetup will have either a live or video demonstration of a specific hypnotic technique, then time for everyone to practice that technique or another short hypnotic technique of your own choosing. A break. Then an open practice time for attendees to practice whatever hypnotic techniques they want, which may be longer hypnosis sessions.

As part of each practice, both the hypnotist and subject will discuss their experiences with each other.

Time allowing, there will be a discussion at the end of the meetup where attendees' experiences can be shared with the entire group.

You may video or take photos, if the people who are going to be in the video or photo give their permission before hand. No flash while people are being hypnotized in the area, whether they are in the photo or not.

There is no charge for this meetup.

Genuine Joe's doesn't charge for the use of their meeting room, but they do expect we buy some drinks or food, so please do so. And tip generously.

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