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What we’re about

How about having one group where you see your startup dreams coming true? How about meeting the Gurus/Mentors for entrepreneurship/legal/marketing/internet marketing/technology at one stop? And How about not spending a penny for all above?

ATX NoPay Startup gathers people from various backgrounds - tech, finance, marketing, legal, sales, engineering, entrepreneurship... you name it.  We bring all those skill sets together in one meetup.  All it takes is a little entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you're an entrepreneur with a great idea or someone who's been in the trenches and would love to give back or even join something new, this is your meetup!  Get/Give a hand.  Find your cofounders or be found.  Mentor or be mentored for an evening or longer.

How does this all work?  Show up and find out.  You will not be disappointed.  This is an engaging and interactive meetup.  You will leave energized, validated, and better off than when you came in.

Think of it as a free human capital exchange.  Help and be helped.   We will schedule regular monthly meetups.  

Think. Learn. GROW!

Stay tuned!  (and spread the word!  We need members.)