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Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, Hof 3 · 10999 Berlin

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Come to the third courtyard.

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AWE Nite Berlin proudly launches its series of networking events related to Augmented Reality (AR) in Berlin.

AR is a rapidly growing technology that could quickly become the next game changer in the digital age.

AWE Nite Berlin encourages the technology growth by organizing regular events to demonstrate, discuss and network around the latest AR trends and projects.

We celebrate the launch ceremony on the 23rd of October 2018 from 7:30pm with the following program:

AWE Nite Berlin #1 program:

Speakers lineup:

1. Tom Emrich (co-founder of AWE) presents AWE Nite and shares with Berlin the latest international AR

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s #1 AR+VR conference and expo with annual dates in the USA, Asia and Europe.

2. Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino (founder of … and dos Santos) presents the AR TimeMachine (Android and iOS) for the new Deutsche Bank Kulturforum, the PalaisPopulaire, in the heart of Berlin, sharing how the building looked initially, after the 2nd world war and the reconstruction as the famous Opern Café in the 1960. (for smart phones)

… and dos Santos is a think tank and consultancy for business transformation offering an exclusive access to a collective of thought leaders from various fields.

3. Sascha Klosa (founder of Mercedes cAR) presents Mercedes cAR, an augmented reality app which gives the user the power to configure, drive and explore a 3D Mercedes-Benz model wherever he is. (for smart phones)

Antoni is a creative agency founded in 2015 exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.

4.Markus Uhlig (co-founders of Pattarina) presents Pattarina, a high precision augmented reality solution for transferring 2-dimensional sewing patterns onto real workbench surfaces. (for smart phones)

Pattarina is financed by eXist.

5. Christoph Holtmann (AR developer at Creative Media) presents HoloWartung, a prototype for a virtual machine holographic maintenance assistant tool (for Microsoft Hololens).

The research group Creative Media, belonging to the research and education center of the HTW Berlin (FKI), moves within the broad field of interactive media, learning culture, brands and innovative technologies.

6. Khaled Reguieg (AR developer at ART+COM) tells us about combining emerging technologies for research and art by show off some of their approaches and prototypes for creating inspiring exhibitions. (for smart phones/Microsoft HoloLens)

ART+COM uses new technology as an artistic medium of expression and as a medium for the interactive communication of complex information.

7. Chang Liu (Sales Manager at 3DQR GmbH) will present the next generation of Augmented Reality system. (for smart phones)

Company: 3DQR GmbH is a startup specialized in QR-based augmented reality solutions for marketing, service, and education.

8. Michael Bucko (co-founder of Visualix) will present the Visualix Mapping and Positioning Platform. (for smart phones)

Visualix is a Berlin-based computer vision company, enabling patent-pending robust centimeter-precise mapping and localization at scale with commonly used smartphones.

9. Carl White (co-founder of Meshicon Software) will demonstrate their industrial holographic tools to assist machine users in their maneuvers. (for Microsoft HoloLens)

Meshicon Software is based in Berlin and produces industrial applications for AR smart glasses.

Part 2:

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- IXDS (space and drinks)
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- VRBLN (network)

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The AWE Nite Berlin Team