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AWE Nite Chicago (formerly ARCHI) - Unique AR Hardware Solutions
Our December Meeting of AWE Nite Chicago, will feature unique AR hardware solutions. You wont' want to miss it! AWE Nite Chicago is a place for developers, creators, investors, founders, corporate decision makers and curious folk to come together to celebrate the activity and devote conviction around building an augmented reality (AR) hub in Chicago. __________________________________________________________________ Schedule: 5:30 - 6:00 Networking and refreshments 6:00 - 7:30 Demos / Presentations * Simon Venshtain, Jaunt XR - Teleporter volumetric capture and streaming * Craig Bradley, IMMY - AR Eyewear Optics * Speaker TBD, The Looking Glass Factory - Universal Holographic Display * Alexandria Heston - Designing for Magic Leap ML1 * Ron and Patrick - AR Industry Update 7:30 onward... Hands-on, Member announcements, and Networking Refreshments will be served! __________________________________________________________________ Jaunt XR - Teleporter, Simon Venshtain, Director of Research Simon graduated from U of I in 2011 with a masters in computer engineering. After a couple of years in Qualcomm, he joined Personify which is led by his adviser, Sanjay Patel. At Personify, he worked on multiple projects involving RGBD cameras, and the last 3 years he spent working on Teleporter. Teleporter is a real time volumetric capture and streaming solution that leverages state of the art research in non-rigid deformation. In August 2018, the Teleporter tech and team was acquired by Jaunt. Jaunt XR is one of the first big VR companies, initially founded with the idea of being the Netflix of 360 video. They recently pivoted to be AR focused, specifically, democratizing the technology to enable partners to capture and distribute volumetric content. Simon will give a demonstration of the Teleporter technology, by live streaming a volumetric capture of a Jaunt XR colleague into the Meetup. __________________________________________________________________ IMMY, Inc., Craig Bradley, Strategic Relations Craig is has worked in the immersive realm pursuing the combination of IoT and Augmented Reality to create Ambient User Experiences. Craig is also a leader of the YETi CGI research group which specializes in integrated solutions for all things Ambient. The XR industry today is gated behind the requisite optics and tools needed to create a clean end-to-end user experience. An overview of the state of the industry today regarding optics and IMMY's fundamentally unique approach will be provided in order to drive the conversation forward. __________________________________________________________________ Hope to see you there, Patrick, Ron, and the AWE Nite Team

Tech Nexus (Conference Room C/D)

20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1200 · Chicago, IL