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AWE Nite NYC - AR For Consumers with NY Times, Google, Popup in Hudson Yards

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AWE Nite NYC - AR For Consumers with NY Times, Google, Popup in Hudson Yards


AR Enthusiasts!
Join us at the RLab - for a magnificent evening packed with AR for consumer experiences.
If you are into AR - you must check it out!

In order to pass through the Navy Yard security we need to provide email addresses of all participants.
After you RSVP here, please submit your name and contact info on this form:

6:30 - 7:00pm...Networking

7:00 - 8:00pm...Live demos

  1. Ori Inbar (CoFounder, AWE & Super Ventures) - The latest and greatest from the Augmented World

  2. Graham Robert (Director of Immersive Platforms Storytelling, NYTimes) - Augmenting Journalism: How and why The New York Times brought spatial, camera-based AR storytelling to the core news apps.

  3. Matthieu Lorrain (Global Head of Creative, Google) - How Google uses AR, webAR, YouTube AR, Search AR, and Google Lens to enable better engagement with users

  4. Lucky Gobindram (Executive Vice President, Cemetrex) - How we launched an AR Popup experience in Hudson Yards with Richemont (Cartier, IWC, Vacheron, Piaget, Panerai, Montblanc and JLC)

  5. Sven Brunner (CEO, Holo One) - The cloud-based AR platform proven to increase efficiency, reduce errors and ensure quality of business processes across a wide range of industries

8:00 - 9:00 pm...Member announcements and Networking

Preview: Those Before Us on Governors Island - audio-immersive storytelling experience with BoseAR Glasses and Governors Island.

Make sure to enter the Brooklyn Navy Yard through the Sands Gate (299 Sands st), get through security by scanning the QR code you'll receive in an email from Proxylink (after you RSVP at, then turn left on Third st. and it will be a short walk to Building 22 (corner of Third st. and Warrington Ave.), and finally climb to the 3rd floor.

See you there!


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corner of Sands Street & Navy Street · Brooklyn, NY
18 spots left