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12:00- 12:30:

Personal branding using Medium, by Roy Povarachik. Personal branding is not a luxury anymore, but a currency. Doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur or a developer, building a personal brand is key to build following and improve your status. Medium is the best blogging platform to brand yourself as a coder / entrepreneur. In this session Roy will cover how you can start leveraging it today.


Ingesting and analyzing 15 BB events per day using Amazon Kinesis and Storm - Lessons Learned from Sizmek. Sizmek’s Open Ad Management Platform enables advertising agencies and advertisers to manage their cross-channel campaigns, and find their relevant audience seamlessly. We work with more than 3,400 agencies, over 17,000 brand advertisers, and 22,000 global web publishers, and serve ads in more than 70 countries. In order to support this scale, we built a fast, high throughput infrastructure that enables real time anlytics and decision making based on stream processing which includes Kinesis and Storm technologies integration. In this session we’ll share lessons learned during the stream processing build up and growing production scale.

13:30 -14:30:
DynamoDB as a Secondary Language
Here is a guide to the perplexed.

14:30 -15:30:
"Medium Use Case: Lessons learned from using Amazon DynamoDB in production at Medium".In this talk, we will share the lessons learned from using a NoSQL database, AWS DynamoDB, in production at Medium. In particular, we will discuss these points: (1) when and how to choose between SQL and NoSQL databases; (2) debug mysterious symptoms by reverse-engineering managed database systems; and (3) "no schema" is considered harmful; we want flexible schema instead.