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AWS UGN Dublin - Architects & Developers Night - #27

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NOV 21st - Ian Massingham features in an AWS ARCHITECTS & DEVELOPERS NIGHT - we'll be joined by leading speakers & panels covering Terraform, Best Practices in Serverless and we'll even try some live Lex/Chatbot Development.

You really really really won't want to miss this one.

If you haven't yet RSVP'd, get on it!!


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18:[masked] - AWS UGN 'TOWN HALL' (DUBLIN) in the Button Factory.

Theme: AWS - Architects & Developers Night
Venue: Button Factory
Start Time: 18:00
Date: Tuesday 21st Nov, 2017
Confirmed Speakers:

* Yevgeniy Brikman,

* Ed Smith, EMEA Lead Megaport

* Ian Massingham, AWS Global Evangelism Head

* Heitor Lessa, AWS Solutions Architect

* Alan Kiernan, Cation Dynamics/Ryanair

This is a member-only, AWS community event.

Sponsored Beer & Swag for the first 120 engineers/developers through the get there early.


TALK 1 - TERRAFORM - Yevgeniy Brikman

Listen up, developers. You are not special. Your infrastructure is not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You have the same tech debt as everyone else.

So why are you reinventing the wheel? Why are you building the same infrastructure, from scratch, over and over again?

This is a talk about a better way to build and manage infrastructure:

Terraform Modules.

Yevgeniy Brikman,will walk you through how to:

* Capture solutions to infrastructure problems as code using Terraform

* Package that infrastructure code into reusable, composable Terraform Modules

* Design clean and flexible module APIs

* Evolve your infrastructure with semantically versioned modules

Bio: Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman is the co-founder of Gruntwork, a company that provides DevOps as a Service. He's also the author of two books published by O'Reilly Media: Hello, Startup and Terraform: Up & Running.

Talk 2: Ian Massingham - Worldwide Lead, AWS Technical Evangelism at Amazon Web Services

Build, Deploy & Run Serverless Chatbots with Amazon Lex.

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. The service provides the advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the intent of the text, to enable you to build applications with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions.

During this talk, Ian will demonstrate how to get started with Amazon Lex, add conversational interface features to your applications and integrate with text-chat and voice based interfaces.

Ian will also present his latest project: a serverless chatbot deployed via Facebook Messenger that enables him to capture feedback from the events at which he speaks.

Be sure to bring a a device that runs Facebook Messenger so you can participate in the live demo at the end of the session!

Talk 3: Heitor Lessa,

Title: The Best Practices and Hard Lessons Learned of Serverless Applications

Abstract: In November 2014, AWS Lambda introduced developers to serverless compute with automatic scaling, pay-per-request billing, and built-in high availability. As a result, startups and enterprises are changing the way they build their applications. Since then, we've learned a lot from our customers about what it takes to build successful serverless applications. We’ve also seen some common and not so common missteps that developers building serverless applications have made along the way. Today, we're going to share those learnings, and show you how you can build the best serverless application that you can.

Bio: Heitor Lessa, Serverless & Developer Technologies @ Amazon Web Services, Heitor has spent the last 10 years in a number of roles, focusing on networking, infrastructure, and development. Since joining AWS in 2013, he’s been helping organizations of all sizes and segments across EMEA to design cloud native applications as well as software development best practices.