AWS | Dublin Meetup - 2019

AWS User Group Dublin
AWS User Group Dublin
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2 Curved Street · Dublin

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Follow the signs for the Rock N Roll Museum.

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AWS User Group | Dublin, 2019

JOIN US on the evening of FEB 5th next for the first AWS Community Event of the year.

Join leading engineers from the AWS Cloud ecosystem in Dublin and enjoy FIRST CLASS TALKS, DEMOS, DEEP DIVES, INSIGHTS, NETWORKING, BEER, FOOD, MUSIC.....and PRIZES!


NOTE: Agenda Updated, (15th JAN)

THEME: 'AWS - What to Expect in 2019'


6pm - Ronan Guilfoyle, SA, AWS
----------"AWS - State of the Union, 2019"
- Managed Blockchain
- Containers
- Internet of Things
- Machine Learning

6.30pm - Kresten Thorup, CEO & Founder, HUMIO
----------"Feel the Hum of your (Cloud) System"
We used to run entire IT systems on a single computer – you could see, touch and hear how the system was doing. Today, when things go wrong, they can go badly wrong – and for a long time – before we realize what happened. In the world of microservices, DevOps and cloud, it's difficult to get a feel for your system and feel the hum. You don’t know what to look for before it’s too late.

Kresten will share how to design and monitor your systems and create a team culture to be able to react and monitor systems effectively. This is a talk from the trenches with real world examples of how bad things can go when you don’t feel your system; and what a bliss it can be to run a system when you do!

* 7pm - BREAK

* 7.15pm - Luciano Mammino & Domagoj Katavic, VECTRA

----------"Processing TeraBytes of data every day and sleeping at night."

This is the story of how we built a highly available data pipeline that processes terabytes of network data every day, making it available to security researchers for assessment and threat hunting. Building this kind of stuff on AWS is not that complicated, but if you have to make it near real-time, fault tolerant and 24/7 available, well... that's another story. In this talk, we will tell you how we achieved this ambitious goal and how we missed a few good nights of sleep while trying to do that! Spoiler alert: contains AWS, serverless, elastic search, monitoring, alerting & more!

Luciano Mammino (Cloud Architect at Vectra and certified AWS Solution Architect) was born in 1987, the same year Super Mario Bros was released in Europe, which, by chance is his favourite game! Luciano started coding at the age of 12, hacking away at his father's old i386 armed only with MS-DOS and the QBasic interpreter. Since then he has been a professional software developer for more than 10 years.

Luciano is currently a Solution Architect at Vectra AI in Dublin where he is automating the hunt for cyberattackers.

He loves the fullstack web, Node.js & Serveless so I co-authored "Node.js design patterns" (, launched and

Domagoj Katavic (Principal Software engineer at Vectra) is a technology enthusiast coming from Split, Croatia. From his early days, Dom has enjoyed playing with technology, starting with programming robots in PBASIC, to gesture recognition and tinkering with FPGA. Dom has always liked programming so his first job was building a cloud editor Codeanywhere and teaching programming at a local university. Now he is a Software Engineer at Vectra AI where he is making the hunt for cyber attacks as easy and automated as possible.

* 7.45pm - TBC


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* Aviva
* Humio
* Singlepoint

AWS User Group Dublin

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