AWS Meetup - OCT 15th - Build A Full Stack Serverless Airline Ticketing Web App

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Button Factory

2 Curved Street · Dublin

How to find us

Follow the signs for the Rock N Roll Museum.

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So, we're back!!

After a great AWS Community Day last week, we're back in the Button Factory on Oct 15th, with a great Serverless / DevOps meetup.

We'll have the usual mix of free content, food and drink. All you have to do is....

a) RSVP Now & Be There!
b) Sign up to Tech Slam at

This is a FREE event.

If you have a 5 minute talk on AWS you'd like to give, now is your chance. It can be on any topic under the sun, as long as it relevant to AWS. Got a wishlist for an AWS product? Or do you have an interesting success story you'd like to share? Or are you just looking for a co-founder? Eitherway, take 5 mins to tell us all about it during the Tech Slam slot.

Register your tech slam talk at

Did I mention we have a few $250 AWS Credits to give out as prizes and some AWS swag left over from AWS Community Day last week.

For the upcoming meetup we'd like to welcome Heitor Lessa back to the Button Factory! Heitor attended the very first Dublin user group meetup (6 years ago!) was subsequently hired by AWS....and returns to us tonight as the newly minted AWS Principal Serverless Lead.


Date: 15th Oct, 2019
Venue: Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Event: AWS Dublin Meetup
Start: 6pm
Rsvp: Now!
5 Min Talks:


6.00pm : Welcome Heitor Lessa, Principal Serverless Lead, AWS
7.00pm: Break / Tech Slam
7.30pm: Robert Jennings, CTO Hestio
8.00pm: Ends



6.10pm: Heitor Lessa, Principal Serverless Lead, AWS

"Building a full-stack serverless airline web app"

As serverless computing grows in popularity, finding how to start can be a challenge. In this talk, we picked a sample “airline ticketing" web app to demonstrate the process of building a full stack serverless application. Heitor will share tips and tricks for building your idea, creating a prototype and deploying quickly and safely in production. You’ll also learn how Vue.js applications can integrate with AWS AppSync (for GraphQL backends), Amazon API Gateway (for REST APIs), AWS Lambda functions, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Cognito (for user management), AWS Step Functions for implementing Booking using Saga pattern, using AWS Amplify to seamlessly provision and manage your cloud backend.


7.30pm: Robert Jennings, CTO Hestio

AWSH - "The AWS shell”

AWSH is a toolkit that makes using the AWS CLI easier.

We all know that there is power in the AWS CLI, you can find the information you need more directly and quicker. Jumping from screen to screen in the console takes longer and you don’t get to link it into the command line tools.

But, the AWS CLI is hard to set up. Identities, credentials, roles, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), SSO, Active Directory, Token management. All take time to set up.

Once you have your environment set up, it is hard to know where you are, which account you are in, which region and how long you’ve got left on your tokens.

You’d also like to have a way that powers up your queries. A way to manipulate the output and simplify running those queries that take a few AWS CLI calls and a few other CLI commands.

Enter, “AWSH - The AWS shell”. AWSH help you set up your environment, allows you see where you are at the prompt and allow you to bake your own queries. We also bundled in a few queries that we find useful.

It will be open source so all are welcome to use it and we welcome contributions from the community.