• AWS Meetup - DEC 11th - Re:Invent 2019 Unpacked!!

    Button Factory

    Event Sponsor: Equinix Community Partners: Singlepoint, Checkpoint Software, Stelfox AGENDA What will Serverless look like in 2020? What are the latest innovations in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT? What were the big releases in these and other AWS product categories? Find out the answers to ALL your Re:invent questions on Dec 11th at the Button Factory, Dublin 2. We can promise a jam-packed community event that will update you on all the major news releases from AWS Re:invent 2019. If you didn't make it to Vegas, you won't want to miss this. **Official AWS Roundup by Steve Bryen of AWS **Re:Invent Trip Reports by Community Members **All your AWS Re:invent questions answered at one event **Prizes, Refreshments, Swag, AWS Credits **AWS Job Announcements **TechSlam **Excellent Networking We're delighted to welcome Steve Bryen of AWS who will keynote the event. Steve will deliver an in-depth presentation on all the major releases, product announcements and feature upgrades announced in Vegas. Steve will also be available for 1:1 discussions on any of the announcements. We'll also hear from Cristophe Laudou of Equinix, which is a global giant in the data centre space with over 200 data centres in 24 countries. Cristophe will discuss how to use AWS and Platform Equinix to optimize the cost of your hybrid cloud environment. Also joining us will be Oisin Hurley CTO of Swrve. Swrve is a marketing and customer engagement platform that enables leading brands confidently scale communications over millions of customers in real-time, using AWS. We'll have the usual mix of free content, great music, refreshments, swag, prizes not to mention direct access to AWS engineers/architects who can answer all your AWS / Reinvent 2019 queries. OK, What do I need to do? a) RSVP Now - Do it now!!!!!!!! - this is the most popular meetup of the year and seats are limited @ 200. b) TAKE PART in TECH SLAM! If you have a 5 minute talk on AWS you'd like to give at this meetup, now is your chance to register. It can be on any topic under the sun, as long as it is relevant to AWS. Got a wish-list for an AWS product? Do you have an interesting success story you'd like to share? Or are you just looking for a co-founder? Eitherway, take 5 mins to tell us all about it during the Tech Slam slot. Register your tech slam talk at bit.ly/awstechslam2 UPCOMING MEETUP AT A GLANCE Date: DECEMBER 11th, 2019 Venue: Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Event: AWS Dublin Meetup Start: 6pm Rsvp Now!!!! 5 Min Talks: bit.ly/awstechtalk2 MEETUP AGENDA - 2 Hours 6.00pm : Welcome 6.10.pm: Steve Bryen, AWS - Re:Invent Unpacked 7.00pm: Break / Tech Slam 7.30pm: Community Reinvent 'Trip Reports'! - Cristophe Laudou - Swrve 8.00pm: Prize Draw / ends Ronan

  • AWS Meetup - OCT 15th - Build A Full Stack Serverless Airline Ticketing Web App

    So, we're back!! After a great AWS Community Day last week, we're back in the Button Factory on Oct 15th, with a great Serverless / DevOps meetup. We'll have the usual mix of free content, food and drink. All you have to do is.... a) RSVP Now & Be There! b) Sign up to Tech Slam at bit.ly/awstechslam This is a FREE event. Sponsored by Checkpoint Software, Qualys, Singlepoint TAKE PART in TECH SLAM! If you have a 5 minute talk on AWS you'd like to give, now is your chance. It can be on any topic under the sun, as long as it relevant to AWS. Got a wishlist for an AWS product? Or do you have an interesting success story you'd like to share? Or are you just looking for a co-founder? Eitherway, take 5 mins to tell us all about it during the Tech Slam slot. Register your tech slam talk at bit.ly/awstechslam Did I mention we have a few $250 AWS Credits to give out as prizes and some AWS swag left over from AWS Community Day last week. For the upcoming meetup we'd like to welcome Heitor Lessa back to the Button Factory! Heitor attended the very first Dublin user group meetup (6 years ago!) was subsequently hired by AWS....and returns to us tonight as the newly minted AWS Principal Serverless Lead. UPCOMING MEETUP AT A GLANCE Date: 15th Oct, 2019 Venue: Button Factory, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Event: AWS Dublin Meetup Start: 6pm Rsvp: Now! 5 Min Talks: bit.ly/awstechtalk MEETUP AGENDA - 2 Hours 6.00pm : Welcome 6.10.pm: Heitor Lessa, Principal Serverless Lead, AWS 7.00pm: Break / Tech Slam 7.30pm: Robert Jennings, CTO Hestio 8.00pm: Ends ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TALKS 6.10pm: Heitor Lessa, Principal Serverless Lead, AWS "Building a full-stack serverless airline web app" As serverless computing grows in popularity, finding how to start can be a challenge. In this talk, we picked a sample “airline ticketing" web app to demonstrate the process of building a full stack serverless application. Heitor will share tips and tricks for building your idea, creating a prototype and deploying quickly and safely in production. You’ll also learn how Vue.js applications can integrate with AWS AppSync (for GraphQL backends), Amazon API Gateway (for REST APIs), AWS Lambda functions, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Cognito (for user management), AWS Step Functions for implementing Booking using Saga pattern, using AWS Amplify to seamlessly provision and manage your cloud backend. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 7.30pm: Robert Jennings, CTO Hestio AWSH - "The AWS shell” AWSH is a toolkit that makes using the AWS CLI easier. We all know that there is power in the AWS CLI, you can find the information you need more directly and quicker. Jumping from screen to screen in the console takes longer and you don’t get to link it into the command line tools. But, the AWS CLI is hard to set up. Identities, credentials, roles, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), SSO, Active Directory, Token management. All take time to set up. Once you have your environment set up, it is hard to know where you are, which account you are in, which region and how long you’ve got left on your tokens. You’d also like to have a way that powers up your queries. A way to manipulate the output and simplify running those queries that take a few AWS CLI calls and a few other CLI commands. Enter, “AWSH - The AWS shell”. AWSH help you set up your environment, allows you see where you are at the prompt and allow you to bake your own queries. We also bundled in a few queries that we find useful. It will be open source so all are welcome to use it and we welcome contributions from the community.

  • AWS Community Day | Dublin 2019 - 1st Oct

    Dublin Castle

    AWS Community Day rolls into Dublin town on 1st October, 2019. It's a conference about Technology and People. Date: 1st October, 2019 - 9am-6pm Venue: Dublin Castle Register Now: awscommunityday.eventbrite.com Note: Registering using the RSVP button does NOT register you for this event. Proper registration links are provided above/below. ++++++++++ SO WHAT's IT ALL ABOUT? AWS Community Day is a full-day educational conference, designed for engineers and executives who are navigating the AWS Cloud. * Meet Abby Fuller, Colm Mac Cárthaigh, David Isbitski, an army of AWS Community Heroes (army of 3 that is) and an entire host of exceptional, outstanding people from the AWS ecosystem. * Hear inspiring talks covering hot topics such as serverless, security, data lakes & analytics, AI/ML, Networking, IOT, Hybrid Cloud and more. * Attend a 2-hour practical workshop. Put your laptop battery and your engineering brain to the test. Top hosts will guide you how to use the latest AWS tools to build superior applications for Blockchain, Serverless, Artificial Intelligence and Alexa. * AWS Mentors - AWS Mentors is another version of 'Ask an Architect'. We're moving up the alphabet from 'A' to include experts with highly specific AWS product / domain knowledge (including 2 x principal engineers from Seattle) as well as Non-Technical professionals working in the wider AWS ecosystem. Don't worry. These are people. Nice people. People you can talk to and ask their advice. But they're not people you can meet every day. Which is why they're here! So, if you want to talk to an expert in Startup Finance or Marketing or Recruitment or Infrastructure, or AWS Partner Selection or a range of other topics then the Mentor desk is for you. There will be allocated time slots and mentors will also wear a distinguishing lanyard for the duration of the event. * Expo Hall - meet with our sponsors and engage with Live Demos in emerging technologies including AR/VR, AI and Voice tech. This is also the location for our networking session at the end of the day. * Lunch & Refreshments * Competitions, T-Shirts, SWAG-arama. * Networking + Social Event (same building) * Entertainment slot / Live Music and a surprise event. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is a community-led conference, supported by AWS. Thanks to our sponsors Red Hat, Checkpoint, DNM, Singlepoint, Interxion, Sidero and Stelfox for covering the costs and helping to keep ticket costs down. Tickets covering Full Day Access to the conference including Talks, Workshop and the Expo Hall, with Lunch, Competitions, Swag and a Networking event included, are available for a very competitive €95. +++++++++++EARLY BIRD: We are releasing a limited supply of tickets currently for €50. These are currently available as of time of writing. This offer is subject to availability ++++++++++++++++ N.B. Do NOT RSVP for this event using Meetup.com. If you'd like to attend AWS Community Day, you MUST REGISTER using the Eventbrite link provided below and present a valid Ticket on the door. ++++++++Register Now by following this link: awscommunityday.eventbrite.com Attendance is subject to standard AWS terms and conditions and event code of conduct. Ronan Ó Caollaí AWS Community Leader

  • AWS Meetup - JUNE 4th - [Serverless, Devops, AI / Voice & Security]

    HEAVY ON THE ENGINEERING! Join us at the Button Factory for AWS Talks, Lightning Talks, Announcements, Networking, Refreshments, Prizes, Music.... and general good vibes! Our Star Studded lineup tonight includes.... * Keith Lynch, Red Hat * Chris Beckett, Check Point Software Technologies * Fustina Donaghy, Liberty IT * Marcelo Flores Manrique, Verizon Connect * Andrea Muttoni, Sr. Solutions Architect | Tech Evangelist - Amazon Alexa * Gert Wolfis, F5 Networks * Daniel Gunderson, Flexera 04th June, 2019 Event Ends 8.30pm ----------> TALKS CHRIS BECKETT, Check Point Software Technologies > CLOUD SECURITY "Using Dome9 to enable Security Architecture Reviews with Continuous Compliance Assessments of AWS deployments" Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is the largest network cyber security vendor globally, providing industry-leading solutions and protecting customers from cyberattacks with an unmatched catch rate of malware and other types of threats. Chris Beckett is a Cloud Security Architect with Check Point Software Technologies. ----------------------> FUSTINA DONAGHY, Liberty IT > SERVERLESS "Data Engineering meets Software Engineering the Serverless way" The creation of a scalable, Data driven, Data Integration platform built entirely using AWS Serverless components. From deployment to compute, from orchestration to persistence the successes and the evolution of the platform. Fustina is an Architect with Liberty IT. She has spent the majority of her career to date working in the field of Data Engineering and data technologies across many industries. She has been instrumental in the design and development of data solutions to all types of applications from high volume, real time, commercial VOIP systems to data sensitive encrypted data stores. ----------> MARCELO FLORES MANRIQUE, Verizon Connect >SERVERLESS, DEVOPS "AWS Lambda performance and design concerns for high volumes of data" This talk details how to tune the usage of lambda functions, to have the best benefit in cost vs performance in high volume environments like those at VerizonConnect, where the Devops team have high volumes up to several thousands of calls per second and millions of events per day. Marcelo is a Senior software Engineer at Verizon Connect, with expertise in Distributed Architecture, microservices, Java, C#, Python, AWS, devops and big data. He has over 13 years of experience working for several companies, from Telemetry to E-Commerce and Oil & Gas ----------> ANDREA MUTTONI Sr. Solutions Architect, Evangelist, AMAZON ALEXA >AI / VOICE Using Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit, AWS Lambda and the NodeJS backend JavaScript framework, Andrea takes us through the key steps of building a standout Alexa Skill and monetizing it. Andrea will cover the following topics... * Alexa Presentation Language (APL) build multimodal skills with voice and visual experiences using conditional layouts and data binding. * Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). * In-skill purchasing (ISP) - offer subscriptions for sports, news, and music, consumables for game products like characters or levels, and entitlements for premium functionality. * Amazon Pay - sell real-world goods and services such as digital concert tickets, flowers, and gym memberships. * Alexa Developer Rewards. Andrea is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In this role, Andrea travels the world sharing stories, learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences, aka Skills, with Alexa. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @muttonia. ----------------------> GERT WOLFIS, F5 "Enhanced ADC functions in AWS Though a set of application services is available in the AWS cloud stack, we often have the need for more advanced ADC services, including security. During the session we will deep dive into the services available and use cases. Gert Wolfis is an F5 solution architect specialising in Cloud and Automation.

  • AWS | Dublin Meetup - 2019

    Button Factory

    TUESDAY, 16th APRIL @ THE BUTTON FACTORY / 6.00pm AWS IoT Special [+Serverless, +Devops] There are billions of devices in homes, factories, oil wells, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places. With the proliferation of devices, we increasingly need solutions to connect them, and collect, store, and analyze device data. AWS IoT provides broad and deep functionality, spanning the edge to the cloud, so we can build IoT solutions for virtually any use case across a wide range of devices. Since AWS IoT integrates with AI services, we can make devices smarter, even without Internet connectivity. This month's user group meetup will feature talks on IoT and on Devops RSVP Now! AGENDA - SUMMARY 18.00 - Announcements 18.05 - Lighting Talk - Brian Seery, Singlepoint 18.15 - Ronan Guilfoyle, AWS. "AWS IoT - State of the Union" 18.45 - Richard Pablo, ASAVIE - "IoT: Edge Provisioning, solving the nightmare" 19.15 - BREAK 19.20 - Garry Barcoe, STELFOX - "Recruiting for IoT" 19.50 - HUMIO - "Making sense of your IoT data in real-time". 20.15 -Mihnea Spirescu, CONTINO - "How Well Do You Know Your Workloads: Real-Time Insights Using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Elasticsearch Service" Don't for get to RSVP!!! AGENDA (LONG VERSION) ------------------------------------>> 18.00 - Ronan Guilfoyle, AWS. "AWS IoT - State of the Union" 18.30 - Richard Pablo, ASAVIE - "IoT: Edge Provisioning, solving the nightmare" Provisioning IoT edge devices can be very painful. The bigger your deployment, the less sleep you will have. In this talk we will discuss how container orchestration paradigms can help us provision and manage our edge devices in an elegant and secure way. Is security, device provisioning and edge connectivity sucking the life out of your IoT analytics projects or did you skip these steps in your prototyping? Don't worry, rescue is on the way. In this talk “IoT: Edge Provisioning, solving the nightmare” we will discuss how container orchestration paradigms can help us provision and manage our edge devices in a more elegant and secure way. And how keeping things private, can be the secret to keeping things simple, in IoT. Asavie eliminates the risk for businesses associated with mobility and IoT deployments in a networked world. Our on-demand mobility and IoT services deliver businesses a better mobile network experience by removing the challenges of securely connecting remote edge devices to the Cloud, at scale. Strategic distribution and technology partners include AT&T, AWS, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Singtel, Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone. Asavie is an ISO27001 certified company. For more information check: www.asavie.com , follow @Asavie on twitter 19.00 - BREAK / REFRESHMENTS / NETWORKING 19.15 - Garry Barcoe, STELFOX - "Recruiting for IoT" 19.40 - HUMIO - "Making sense of your IoT data in real-time". 20.10 -Mihnea Spirescu, CONTINO - "How Well Do You Know Your Workloads: Real-Time Insights Using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Elasticsearch Service" "How Well Do You Know Your Workloads: Real-Time Insights Using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Elasticsearch Service" As we are starting to see more and more companies moving to microservice architectures, having the right logging and metrics infrastructure in place becomes essential. We will explore some of the options we have natively on AWS and how can we leverage Kinesis and Amazon ElasticSearch Service to get actionable, near real-time insights into our workloads. Mihnea Spirescu is a senior consultant with Contino. His career started in network engineering and moved into full-stack development and Linux system administration. Leveraging his strong experience in AWS, he now helps companies of all sizes migrate workloads to cloud and better leverage cloud native architectures and solutions.

  • AWS | Dublin Meetup - 2019

    Button Factory

    TUESDAY, 5th FEBRUARY @ THE BUTTON FACTORY / 6.00pm AWS User Group | Dublin, 2019 JOIN US on the evening of FEB 5th next for the first AWS Community Event of the year. Join leading engineers from the AWS Cloud ecosystem in Dublin and enjoy FIRST CLASS TALKS, DEMOS, DEEP DIVES, INSIGHTS, NETWORKING, BEER, FOOD, MUSIC.....and PRIZES! RSVP Now! *********************************************************** NOTE: Agenda Updated, (15th JAN) *********************************************************** THEME: 'AWS - What to Expect in 2019' TOPICS: DEVOPS, BLOCKCHAIN, CONTAINERS, INTERNET of THINGS MACHINE LEARNING AGENDA 6pm - Ronan Guilfoyle, SA, AWS ----------"AWS - State of the Union, 2019" - Managed Blockchain - Containers - Internet of Things - Machine Learning 6.30pm - Kresten Thorup, CEO & Founder, HUMIO ----------"Feel the Hum of your (Cloud) System" We used to run entire IT systems on a single computer – you could see, touch and hear how the system was doing. Today, when things go wrong, they can go badly wrong – and for a long time – before we realize what happened. In the world of microservices, DevOps and cloud, it's difficult to get a feel for your system and feel the hum. You don’t know what to look for before it’s too late. Kresten will share how to design and monitor your systems and create a team culture to be able to react and monitor systems effectively. This is a talk from the trenches with real world examples of how bad things can go when you don’t feel your system; and what a bliss it can be to run a system when you do! * 7pm - BREAK * 7.15pm - Luciano Mammino & Domagoj Katavic, VECTRA ----------"Processing TeraBytes of data every day and sleeping at night." This is the story of how we built a highly available data pipeline that processes terabytes of network data every day, making it available to security researchers for assessment and threat hunting. Building this kind of stuff on AWS is not that complicated, but if you have to make it near real-time, fault tolerant and 24/7 available, well... that's another story. In this talk, we will tell you how we achieved this ambitious goal and how we missed a few good nights of sleep while trying to do that! Spoiler alert: contains AWS, serverless, elastic search, monitoring, alerting & more! Luciano Mammino (Cloud Architect at Vectra and certified AWS Solution Architect) was born in 1987, the same year Super Mario Bros was released in Europe, which, by chance is his favourite game! Luciano started coding at the age of 12, hacking away at his father's old i386 armed only with MS-DOS and the QBasic interpreter. Since then he has been a professional software developer for more than 10 years. Luciano is currently a Solution Architect at Vectra AI in Dublin where he is automating the hunt for cyberattackers. He loves the fullstack web, Node.js & Serveless so I co-authored "Node.js design patterns" (http://amzn.to/1ZF279B), launched fstack.link and Serverlesslab.com Domagoj Katavic (Principal Software engineer at Vectra) is a technology enthusiast coming from Split, Croatia. From his early days, Dom has enjoyed playing with technology, starting with programming robots in PBASIC, to gesture recognition and tinkering with FPGA. Dom has always liked programming so his first job was building a cloud editor Codeanywhere and teaching programming at a local university. Now he is a Software Engineer at Vectra AI where he is making the hunt for cyber attacks as easy and automated as possible. * 7.45pm - TBC -------------------------------------- With special thanks to * Aviva * Humio * Singlepoint AWS User Group Dublin "For Engineers, By Engineers"!

  • AWS | Dublin Meetup - Re:Invent Re:Cap - TUE, 4th DEC @ 6pm!

    TUESDAY, 4th DECEMBER @ THE BUTTON FACTORY / 6.00pm AWS User Group | Dublin - The Largest Tech Meetup in Ireland. presents... RE:INVENT Re:CAP - "Your Compression Algorithm for Reinvent!" We are delighted to welcome some of the leading voices in the world of AWS Cloud to the Button Factory. You can look forward to... 2.5 x HOURS of 1st CLASS TALKS, DEMOS, DEEP DIVES, INSIGHTS, NETWORKING, BEER, FOOD, MUSIC & PRIZES! Featuring contributions from top cloud experts and covering all the main announcements made at this year's Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. AGENDA 5.30pm - Doors 6.00pm - Start / Welcome 6.10pm - Fabio Douek, Head of Cloud Architecture at Singlepoint REINVENT REVISITED - Thoughts on a week in Las Vegas taking in some of the following items: •Well Architected Tool •EC2 Hibernate •Lambda Layers •DynamoDB On-Demand •Textract •AWS Control Tower •SFTP for S3 •Transit Gateway 6.35pm - Denis Rosa, Couchbase DEPLOYING COUCHBASE OPERATOR on AMAZON EKS. Kubernetes is getting more and more popular, and now, it is supported by all major cloud providers. In this talk, we will go through the basics of the new Amazon EKS, discuss about storage types and deploy a microservice using Couchbase and the new Couchbase Operator. 7.00pm - BREAK / NETWORKING 7.15pm - Pieter Heyn, Humio WHAT, WHY and HOW we do LOG MANAGEMENT. Humio as a limitless log management tool for developers and operations teams, to confidently answer any question or explore any system by quickly getting to the data you need - wherever it lives. 7.35pm - Robert Slotte, Contino BLOW YOUR BOSS' MIND WITH REALTIME USER STORIES USING AWS FARGATE! Robert Slotte is a Senior Consultant at Contino. He has strong experience in architecting on AWS and has a special interest in Serverless computing having successfully delivered a number of Serverless projects as part of Contino. Robert also has a keen interest in software delivery and has worked extensively on CI/CD pipelines for both Serverless and container-based applications. 8pm - AWS - ReInvent Re:Cap - Ric Harvey, AWS Evangelist, UK & I - Ronan Guilfoyle, SA 8.40 - Ends Thanks to * Aviva * Contino * Couchbase * Humio * Singlepoint Following the Talks, join us for informal drinks @ 9pm in the CROW BAR, adjoining the theatre. You never know who you might bump into.....! Ronan & Jason Co-ordinators, AWS User Groups

  • AWS Dublin Meetup - MONDAY, 10th SEPTEMBER - 6pm!!!!!!!

    Monday, 10th SEPT @ THE BUTTON FACTORY / 6.00pm DOORS: 5.30pm, STARTS: 6pm Sharp. Theme: "AWS - ENGINEERING INNOVATION" You'll really need to polish your ENGINEERING GOGGLES for this evening's event as we focus on the many ways innovative AWS technologies and services are being deployed to drive Innovation within the enterprise. You can look forward to top speakers, talks and technical DEEP DIVES from AWS, COUCHBASE / GRUNTWORK.io and AWS Advanced Partner, SINGLEPOINT. AGENDA AT A GLANCE (Full Agenda is below) 18.00 - Start 18.10pm - Fabio Douek & Brian Seery of SINGLEPOINT 18.40pm - BREAK 19.00pm - Yevgeniy Brikman of GRUNTWORK.IO for COUCHBASE. 19.30pm - Steven Bryen, Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS 20.00 - ENDS We'll have GREAT PRIZES (drones, video games and AWS credits) to give away, not to mention FOOD, BEER and maybe.....just maybe...... some SWAG. AWS Dublin Community is sponsored by: Aviva Ireland, Couchbase, Singlepoint & Stelfox AGENDA (FULL version) Date: 10th Sept Admission: FREE 17.30pm - DOORS 18.00 - START 18.05 - WELCOME - Rónán Ó Caollaí 18.10 - Fabio Douek & Brian Seery, SINGLEPOINT Singlepoint is an AWS technical partner based in central Dublin. The company has been accredited as a certified Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. The company's co-founder and Technical Consulting Director, Brian Seery, joins us on stage this evening - along with Singlepoint's Head of Cloud Architecture, Fabio Douek. Their talk will focus on DevOps challenges / approaches in three primary areas: - Developer experience with remote desktops - Enabling developers to quickly deploy apps into EKS using Skaffold (with a short demo) - Mobile Testing with AWS Device Farm (short demo in integrating DeviceFarm with Jenkins and AWS CodePipeline) Follow Singlepoint on @SinglepointIE 18.40 - FOOD / BEER / PRIZE DRAW ENTRY / BREAK (in that order!!!) 19.00 - COUCHBASE - Yevgeniy Brikman (Gruntwork.io) "Lessons learned from writing over 300,000 lines of infrastructure code" This talk is a concise masterclass on how to write infrastructure code. Yevgeniy will share key lessons from the “Infrastructure Cookbook” developed at Gruntwork while creating and maintaining a library of over 300,000 lines of infrastructure code as used in production by hundreds of companies. Hear the war stories, laugh about all the mistakes made along the way, and learn what Terraform, Packer, Docker, and Go look like in the wild. Yevgeniy's presentation will showcase a module his company built for Couchbase. Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman loves programming, writing, speaking, travelling, and lifting heavy things. He does not love talking about himself in the 3rd person. He is the co-founder of Gruntwork, a company that provides DevOps as a Service. He's also the author of two books published by O'Reilly Media: Hello, Startup and Terraform: Up & Running. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Cisco Systems, and Thomson Financial and got his BS and Masters at Cornell University Follow Yevgeniy on @brikis98 19.30pm - Steven Bryen, Senior Evangelist AWS Talk Title: "Artificial Intelligence & AWS : State of the Union" Amazon SageMaker takes away the heavy lifting of machine learning, so you can build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly and easily. It is a fully-managed platform that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale. Amazon SageMaker removes all the barriers that typically slow down developers who want to use machine learning. Steven Bryen, senior Technical Evangelist with AWS, will take us through a Sagemaker Builder's Lab, focusing on the key steps involved in building, training and deploying ML models. Steven will also discuss more recent developments in AI and the future of AI in the cloud. Follow Steve on @steven_bryen 20.00 - END

  • AWS Dublin Meetup - Tue, 24th July - 6pm

    Button Factory

    24th JULY - TUESDAY NIGHT - THE BUTTON FACTORY @ 6.00pm After a break of a few months to recalibrate our flux capacitors, we're back in the Button Factory, shiny pistons firing in anticipation of a fresh season of AWS engineering talks. Stop by on Tuesday for your free AWS oil change. RSVP Now!!!!! The session will cover the latest AWS releases & announcements. We'll have prizes (drones, video games and AWS credits) to give away, not to mention food, beer and a bucket load of high quality expert insights. We'll also give an exclusive preview of what you can expect for the forthcoming Community Season when we'll be welcoming back leading AWS experts such as Abby Fuller, Randall Hunt, and many more. Date: 24th July - "Crikey, that's *this* Tuesday!!!!!" Community Partners: Stelfox, Singlepoint, Aviva Admission: FREE 5.30pm - DOORS THEME: AWS - Recent Innovations! Last year there was something in the region of 1400 announcements / new releases from AWS. This year will likely see even more. This session is designed to keep your finger on the pulse of this innovation wave - or at least to bring you up to speed with a selection of the most significant new announcements. Share your wisdom, techniques and gain insights into building high performance cloud applications on the AWS platform incorporating the latest feature releases such as.. * AWS Sagemaker - Object Detection algorithm now available in Amazon SageMaker - Support for k-Nearest-Neighbor and Object Detection Algorithms - Multiclass Classification support - Updates to Blazingtext algorithm * AWS Linux Workspaces * AWS Lambda support for .NET Core 2.1 * Alexa We'll also take a look at recent innovations in Alexa, with a quick look at - Alerts interface version 1.3 - Integration of Fallback Intent - Analytics - See Skill Usage Patterns visually in the ASK Developer Console * General AWS Announcements & Previews CONTRIBUTORS * Chris Johnson, Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS * Alan Kiernan, Cation Dynamics, AWS Partner * Brian Seery, Singlepoint, AWS Partner Start 6pm - WELCOME 6.00pm - Welcome //Sponsor Slot //Agenda Preview #####################TALKS 6.15pm - Chris Johnson, AWS // All the latest updates 6.45pm - Brian Seery, Singlepoint, AWS Partner // Lightning Talk 6.55pm - BREAK / FOOD / BEER / PRIZE DRAW ENTRY //Drones, Space Invaders, AWS Credits 7.15pm - Alan Kiernan, Cation Dynamics, AWS Partner // Alexa Amazeballs 7.30pm - PRIZE DRAW 7,45pm - Ends ************************* MESSAGES SPONSORS We're delighted to acknowledge our new sponsors Aviva and Singlepoint and to thank Stelfox for their ongoing support of the Dublin AWS community. VOLUNTEERS. JOIN the AWS COMMUNITY Team We are looking for volunteers to help with running the AWS Community in Dublin. Currently we're looking for developers to build our website and we also need assistance in running the events. If you are interested, get in touch using the Message app on Meetup.com. AWS COMMUNITY How can I actively learn from other engineers how to build, deploy and scale applications using AWS? How can I accelerate my AWS cloud learning? How can I actively participate in the various waves of emerging innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Voice application design (to name but a few) to build more distinguished products & services? These are some of the questions this community is designed to answer.

  • AWS - SERVERLESS - Developing Event Driven Serverless Systems at Scale.

    8th MAY - TUESDAY NIGHT - THE BUTTON FACTORY @ 5.30pm Supported by METAL MAN Beer Admission: FREE 5.30pm - EVENT START THEME: SERVERLESS - Developing Event-Driven Serverless Systems at Scale. This AWS Community event focuses on the technical challenges of developing event-driven serverless systems at scale. Joining us will be some of the world's leading developers and innovators from the world of Serverless, who will share with us their wisdom, techniques and their expert insights into building high performance serverless cloud applications. If you are a developer/architect working with Serverless, don't let this meetup be the one you missed!!! CONTRIBUTORS * Ronan Guilfoyle, AWS Solutions Architect * Adrian Trenaman, SVP Engineering @HBC, Gilt & Committer Apache Karaf * Heitor Lessa, Specialist Solutions Architect, Serverless and Developer Technologies EMEA * Paul Johnston, AWS Senior Developer Advocate – Serverless * Paul Maddox, AWS Solutions Architect Start 6pm - WELCOME TALKS x 3 6.15pm - 'What's New @ AWS', Ronan Guilfoyle. The latest AWS releases, relating to Serverless and AWS Lambda. Ronan keeps the community up to date with the most significant of recent AWS releases/announcements, such as.... - AWS Serverless Application Repository Now Generally Available - AWS Blockchain Templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric - AWS Cloud9 Supports Local Debugging of AWS Lambda Functions in Python - Amazon API Gateway Supports Cross-Account AWS Lambda Authorizers and Integrations - AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Implementation is Now Open-source & supports additional Amazon API Gateway Features - Amazon Athena releases an updated JDBC driver with support for Array data types ************ 6.45pm - Lambda Architectures: a Snapshot, a Stream, & a Bunch of Deltas, Adrian Trenaman. Adrian is SVP Engineering of HBC Digital, a division of the Gilt Groupe and leads engineering and infrastructure teams in New York and Dublin. One of the AWS Community's most popular contributors, Adrian is recognised as one of the leading experts in Serverless architecture design & deployment. "We all got so excited about breaking apart our monoliths and liberating our microservices. At HBC Tech, our work on luxury e-commerce experiences across gilt.com, saks.com, lordandtaylor.com, thebay.com and saksoff5th.com shows us that unconstrained, organic growth of microservice architectures can lead to a system with high numbers of inter-service dependencies (some of them hidden!), and deep call stacks. We asked ourselves the question: “how can we architect, build and run our services resiliently and at scale so that they can respond to requests without any immediate downstream dependencies?” Our approach is to leverage event-sourced architectures that allow core services to reliably share their information with other services asynchronously. At the heart of each solution is the snapshot, the stream, and a bunch of deltas. In this talk I’ll give examples of these architectures in practice in our product, pricing, inventory and search services, the technology choices that have stuck: AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Elasticache, and Calatrava. I’ll discuss how we’re making our way towards adopting Kafka as our backbone streaming implementation. And, I’ll show how we’ve begun to apply the techniques not just internally but also with external third-party vendors to keep our runtime dependencies low." ************************* 7.15pm - 7.35pm BREAK / FOOD / BEER / NETWORKING * Special thanks to MetalMan for sponsoring the Beer this evening. * Thanks also to KC Peaches, our local supplier of fresh gourmet sandwiches. SERVERLESS CLINIC If you have questions about Serverless and would like to discuss them directly with one of the speakers OR with an AWS specialist, then now is your chance. Grab your sandwich and your beer and make a beeline for the stage area where you'll find a wealth of support by industry veterans. Ask them nicely for help.....and bask in the warm glow of their knowledge! PRIZE DRAW The break is also the time to enter the prize draw. We'll have some fun prizes to give away at the end of the evening - so no sneaking off early before the end. :) ************************* TALKS - CONTINUED... 19.35 - Heitor Lessa, Specialist Solutions Architect, Serverless and Developer Technologies EMEA Heitor is currently working across all industries focusing on Serverless and Developer technologies within the AWS Cloud ecosystem. TALK Details to follow over the coming days. 20.10 - Q&A / PANEL DISCUSSION 20.25 - PRIZE DRAW - ENDS ************************* MESSAGES SPONSORS This event is run entirely by the AWS Community and relies on the ongoing support of our sponsors. We're always on the lookout for new partners, so if you think your company would like to get involved drop us a line using the Messaging app on Meetup.com. VOLUNTEERS. JOIN the AWS COMMUNITY Team We are looking for volunteers to help with running the AWS Community in Dublin. Currently we're looking for developers to build our website and we also need assistance in running the events. If you are interested, get in touch using the Message app on Meetup.com. AWS COMMUNITY How can I actively learn from other engineers how to build, deploy and scale applications using AWS? How can I accelerate my AWS cloud learning? How can I actively participate in the various waves of emerging innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Voice application design (to name but a few) to build more distinguished products & services? These are some of the questions this community is designed to answer.