Agile & AWS - Guest Speaker Alex Singh, Agile Coach


Hello everyone!

Building on our DevOps series and AWS efficiencies, come and hear our dynamic duo Jon Hathaway & Alex Singh present on how together they transformed IGT through Cloud technologies & Agile development.

Alex & Jon together have a wealth of knowledge to impart to businesses here in Las Vegas and will be putting on this special event for one evening only, Weds 26th April.

Come and learn how to adopt AWS as part of your Agile Software Delivery, getting your customer's requirements into their hands quickly and reliably.

Agile tends to be a bit of a buzz word in the world of software development these days - everyone wants to adopt it, but it takes time and effort to change habits of a lifetime. We've all seen it before, the dev team plans a release that takes months to develop - the day of the release comes and.....bang! Something fails. Back to the drawing board, with the possibility of months of work down the drain.

Working on a more iterative approach means that your dev teams are testing and proving each step of the way to the final release....a much faster and more efficient way to work! It may seem like a big change at first and for most its the mindset - but ultimately you build a leaner, meaner team that can propel your organization to success!

Alex Singh - Transformative Change & Enterprise Agility Coach

'Alex is a respected authority on personal and organizational change. He has coached and developed change leaders to approach transformation consciously and co-crafted personalized change strategies that can be adapted as the situation unfolds.

Alex's goal as a coach is not only to help organizations meet their immediate objectives, but also to set them on a path of continued improvement and self-sufficiency. Consequently, he emphasizes continual exploring, experimenting, learning, adapting, and improving to enable quicker delivery of business value, predictably, sustainably and with high quality.

Alex is committed to creating environments where people can experience joy, self-expression (of feelings, thoughts, and ideas), partnership, and satisfaction arising from the completion of challenging and meaningful work. He endeavors to help clients create environments where people can move beyond personal and institutional limitations and to create for themselves deep, transformative learning.'

Due to changes at the Innevation Center we need to be out of the venue by 8pm, therefore:

We will be starting promptly at 6pm for refreshments, seated by 6:15pm.

Please do reach out to your colleagues, especially those in Enterprise organizations, and invite them along to this well-anticipated event!

Have a great week!

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