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The purpose of this Meetup is to provide a place to come together as a group of AWS'ers in the Portland Metro area. Welcome!

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Learn how The Drupal Project used Jenkins+EC2 Spot to Accelerate and Optimize CI

AWS Tech Talk: Jenkins, EC2 Spot, and Open Source. The Drupal project needed CI that was Cheap, Available, and Fast - and they got all three. Drupal is an open source project with one of the most active developer communities in the world. DrupalCI is a key resource for the Drupal project, providing testing and validation for all contributed code whether to Drupal or the contributed module ecosystem. DrupalCI testing utilizes over 6,000 instance hours to run over 30,000 tests per month on Amazon EC2. Building the infrastructure to support testing for an open source project of this scale is no easy task, and the architecture has evolved over the course of several years. Underpinning this system has always been a reliance on the cost effective nature of spot requests for ephemeral workloads. The architecture of DrupalCI has relied on Jenkins and has evolved over time: • …began by leveraging Amazon EC2 spot requests via the Jenkins EC2 plugin. • ...evolved into using the EC2 Fleet Plugin. (Available) • ...and is shortly being rearchitected again based on kubernetes plugin. (Reliable) In this session Ryan will talk through the history of this architecture, key considerations and lessons learned along the way, and lay out the roadmap for heir next iteration. Anybody with a Jenkins instance running ephemeral workloads can benefit from our evolutionary experience. As time allows - we'll also allow time for a Q&A and brainstorming about AWS in open source. *Note that this will be a virtual/online event via WebEx. We will provide a link to the registered attendees

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