• Building a Fintech Startup

    AWS Loft

    Bringing in a whopping $39.57 billion in VC funds in 2018, up 120% from 2017, fintech is easily one of the hottest emerging industries. From mobile payments to cryptocurrency wallets, fintech startups are busting at the seams. Having the autonomy to move faster than legacy systems, they’re delivering innovative solutions, an explosion of new products, and accelerating the consumer experience. Arthur Levy, Vice President of Business Development at Brex, and other fintech experts will share the wins, and challenges, in this evolving industry. They'll discuss how they scaled their business, how they navigate the changing regulations, and the steps other entrepreneurs can take to build - and fund, a fintech startup that’s got a competitive edge. Networking and drinks to follow.

  • Nine Serverless Patterns: An Intro to Lambda [Coinbase]

    Have you ever wanted to learn more about AWS Lambda but aren't sure where to start - or the key benefits? Interested to hear more context on how startups are using Lambda to solve problems internally and the many application scenarios? Luke Demi, Software Engineer at Coinbase, will break down the benefits, how it works - including specific use cases, and dive deep by using nine common serverless patterns as a backdrop to explain AWS Lambda. Using his own challenges at Coinbase, Luke will share how he's been able to speed up developer productivity and solve scaling problems by leveraging AWS Lambda. He'll also share best use cases from other startups. Join us for a practical walkthrough and gain insights into how you can leverage AWS Lambda for your startup. Networking and drinks to follow.

  • Mobile Growth Strategies & Insights: Netflix, Uber, DocuSign

    Join us and the team at Mobile Growth SF for a night of growth strategy stories from mobile experts at some of the top performing apps in the city – including Netflix, Uber, DocuSign, and Mercari. We’ll kick off the evening with beer and appetizers, then we'll hear lessons and best practices for mobile app growth. Our panel will discuss organic and paid user acquisition, retention and engagement, and analytics hacks. They'll share best practices for building mobile consumer technology, on a global scale, as well as the considerations startups should make early on to set their product on a path to success. Gain insights from the industry's savviest mobile growth pros and share your learnings with fellow mobile growth experts. Networking and drinks to follow. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsmobilegrowthinsightssf.splashthat.com/

  • Hire Your Startup's First Technical Team

    AWS Loft

    Cheryl Porro, Chief Technology Officer at Thrive Global – a behavior change tech startup, will share best practices on building a successful technical team at a startup – including the skills your first engineers should have and the projects you should assign. She’ll cover how to identify skill gaps in your current team in order to zero in on the right talent to hire, the tactics she’s using to grow her team with lean resources, and tips on how to level up junior engineers when top talent is unattainable. Learn how you can make great hiring decisions that minimize the amount of technical debt you carry over with each engineer and the importance of a great tech stack when trying to compete with companies who have deeper pockets. Cheryl will also answer questions on the role of the CTO and what future CTOs need to consider when creating or joining a startup. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsstartuptalkthriveglobal.splashthat.com/

  • Build Your Startup's Data Infrastructure in 1 Hour

    Join a discussion with Benn Stancil, Chief Analyst and Co-founder of Mode, for an introduction to the tools you need to set up your data infrastructure in one hour. He'll arm you with the tools you need to move, store, and analyze data, and instructions on how to build a platform that can not only scale, but can also enable you to start answering product, marketing, and fundraising questions tonight. Feel free to bring your laptop to follow along. After the presentation, Benn will host a hands-on workshop to get you set up immediately, and help you brainstorm the questions you should ask your data. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsbuildyourdatainfrastructuresf.splashthat.com/

  • Improving User Experience with Amazon Aurora

    Rohit Iyer, Sr. Director of Engineering, and Narenda Puchakayala, Database Administrator, at Personal Capital will walk you through their journey in migrating to Amazon Aurora. They'll share how they were able to handle 3X traffic spikes easily, remain up during market volatility events, and helped improve user experience. Rohit and Narenda will share their insights and outline best practices startups should make to avoid the many potential pitfalls during the process. Drinks and networking to follow. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsimprovinguserexperience.splashthat.com/

  • Observability for Startups

    AWS Loft

    Luke Demi, Software Engineer at Coinbase, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the wins and challenges of their journey to an observable system. He'll share how their tooling and philosophies have changed over time and why they graduated from full plug-and-play solutions to build vs. buy. Luke will share the necessary steps startups can take to prevent the uphill battles they faced and how to have greater operational insight and a better product. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsobservabilityforstartupssf.splashthat.com/

  • Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain

    There’s no shortage of ways to move cash from one place to another to pay for goods. But now with Blockchain, users are disrupting legacy platforms and this technology is offering speed, security, and efficiency to the world of payments. As blockchain steadily advances and reaches mainstream acceptance, what can startups do to prepare for this financial revolution? Join us for a discussion on the transaction environment with startup founders Tammy Camp - Founder & CEO of Stronghold, Tom McLeod - Founder & CEO of Omni, and Stefan Thomas - Founder & CEO of Coil. The panel will share how blockchain technology is providing long-awaited financial breakthroughs at both the enterprise-level and for startups. From microtransactions to mobile and cross-border payments, gain insights to the advantages and key considerations for startups that adopt this new financial infrastructure. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awspaymentsontheblockchainsf.splashthat.com/

  • Using Analytics for Startup Fundraising

    AWS Loft

    Fundraising is a daunting, yet inevitable task for many startups. While no founding team looks forward to the litany of questions potential investors will ask about the health and viability of your business, the more compelling, metrics-driven answers you have, the better your pitches will be. Benn Stancil, Chief Analyst and Co-founder of Mode, will give a crash course in the practical analysis startups need to raise money. From demystifying investor jargon like “magic numbers” and “quick ratios” to sharing step-by-step instructions to build these metrics yourself, he'll help you get one step closer to closing your next round. Learn how to build a data-driven, successful pitch deck that highlights your most compelling wins. Benn will also answer questions about what worked, and what didn't in Mode's own fundraising. Register here for faster onsite check-in: https://awsanalyticsforstartupfundraising.splashthat.com/