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This is an Amazon Web Services User Group dedicated to Latvia. Its main goal is to share knowledge and best practices between fans of AWS.

This group is dedicated to developers, devops and solution architects interested in AWS services and cloud computing in general. The group is planning to host technical sessions, workshops, demo and other types of events that would serve the purpose of its existence.

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AWS Cost Control Workshop

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With AWS you pay for what you use, right? Well, yes, but to be exact, you pay for what you run. 😉

Take control of what you run on AWS and save costs without compromising on cloud performance. 📈 How? By joining our upcoming AWS Cost Control Workshop. 💸

What will be covered during the workshop?:
- What is rightsizing, checking AWS Compute optimizer, and EC2 anomaly detection.
- How can you save with Autoscaling, and in what scenarios.
- Considering newer and more cost-optimized instance families - why newer generations are better.
- RIs and SPs usage - how they differ, what they cover, and what to look out for.
- CloudFront usage and special CloudFront pricing from Cloudvisor.
- Setting up budgets and resource tagging.

Bonus topics:
- Instant discounts on AWS spend.
- How to get AWS credits from Cloudvisor.

When? ⏰ July 12th, at 3 PM EEST.

The workshop will be hosted by Josef Botes, our Marketing Manager, and Jonas Jovaišas, our Customer Success Manager, who will lead the workshop on cost control.

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AWS CDK Workshop - From Zero to Hero Part II

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