AWS Liverpool fresh start


Hi All,

We've picked up the mantle and will be trying to build upon the foundations of the first couple of meetings.

We are planning to host a monthly meetup that will take place on or around the last Thursday of every month. We will be publishing all dates and agendas after this meetup. What is the logic here? We are hoping to understand from you, what you would like to get out of the meetup.

Our thoughts range from war stories deep within the trenches, presentations (high-level through to nuts & bolts), Q&A, workshops or just an informal gathering for a chat etc... but don't let me put ideas in your head! The topics can span all aspects of AWS users, ranging from (but not limited to) developers, architects, infrastructure, testers etc...

We have a great pool of speakers we can call upon to help out. We can also step up to the podium if needed!!

Basically, we want to grow a strong AWS community within Liverpool to share and build our knowledge. This can only be achieved if we are hosting relevant meetups.

Bring yourselves, bring people from work, bring your phones to take pictures, be active on social media during the night.

1. What's new
2. What did I do in AWS
A. Amplify console
B. ECS with spot fleet, Jenkins and groovy
3. Suggestions for next meetups
4. Pizza