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AWS meetup Aarhus – April 2018

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Søren Nymarks Vej 6 · Århus

How to find us

Go inside the door and down the stairs to the basement.

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AWS meetup Aarhus – April 2018

AWS meetup is back with a new meetup, 9th of April 2018.

This time we’ll have two talks. Adrian Hornsby ( will join us and we’ll have a local talk by Jakob Færch from Scio+


16.30 wellcome

16.40 Jakob Færch: How Scio+ does paralellizable batch processing using AWS StepFunctions, S3 and ECS.

More info to come.

17.20 Break

17.30 Adrian Hornsby: From availability and reliability to chaos engineering - why breaking things should be practised.

With the rise of micro-services and large-scale distributed architectures, software systems have grow increasingly complex and hard to understand. Adding to that complexity, the velocity of software delivery has also dramatically increased, resulting in failures being harder to predict and contain.

While the cloud allows for high availability, redundancy and fault-tolerance, no single component can guarantee 100% uptime. Therefore, we have to understand availability but especially learn how to design architectures with failure in mind.

And since failures have become more and more chaotic in nature, we must turn to chaos engineering in order to identify failures before they become outages.

In this talk, I will deep dive into availability, reliability and large-scale architectures and make an introduction to chaos engineering, a discipline that promotes breaking things on purpose in order to learn how to build more resilient systems.

18.30 - Goodbye