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What we’re about

Welcome to  A Woman's Journey (FREE Women's ONLY Group)

I am honored and excited to announce We are 1020+ Members (and growing) Strong Now :-)

A Woman's Journey should be nothing but exciting. We deserve nothing but the BEST since we give so much to this world. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way for every woman. So I have organized this women's group where when we meet, we actually help each other in as many ways as we can.

The idea is to pick up a topic every time, invite an expert who shares their expertise and then the rest of us can put forward our own thoughts, experiences or questions that we may have.

The topics can range from fashion to depression, stay at home mom to being no. 1 entrepreneur, working for a company or being self employed, weight loss, eating healthy, cooking healthy, saving money, credit repair, helping kids to helping spouses, going through divorce, living on a budget, earning a living from home, social media, marketing, networking, finding jobs, breast cancer and everything else important that we can come up with.

I will however keep topics like religion, politics etc out of this group.

Bottom line, life is tough but we can make it better for each other.

Now if you are looking for a group that will go out partying, drinking or clubbing then this is not for you. How ever if you want to make a difference in other people's lives please join me. If you want to learn from the experts, if you want to share your expertise, if you want to enhance your life, your family's life (which by the way we women are good at :)) I urge you to join this group.

As a woman You are Amazing. As a woman you are Helpful. So what are you waiting for? Join these 880+ other Amazing Helpful Women like yourself Now :-)

I am positive that with each other's help we can make our lives fact much better!!

I understand most members come straight from work so there's always hot coffee (regular & decaf) & hot snacks served at 6.00pm (no charge whatsoever). The location is shown only to members. Its one of the safest location near Brookfield Square Mall.


5.30pm  -  Meet & Greet
6.30pm - 7.30   - Presentation, Q&A
7.30pm – 8.30pm  --  More Networking

The Membership and Events are Completely FREE to Attend. This is A WOMEN'S ONLY GROUP

Ami Ahuja :-)

Empowering Women to Achieve Their Dreams!

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Disclaimer: You may not be allowed to join or removed from the group without any further explanation!