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Dear Friends, This is NOT Friday Fun Night (our traditional event). Instead I have partnered with my husband at HIS event. So feel free to bring your husband, boy friend or partner but you MUST RSVP them with you.

If you are (or are interested in becoming) ANY of the following, our next LIVE EVENT is for you:

1. A Consultant of any kind.

2. A Coach of any kind.

3. A Social Media Expert.

Many of you've asked me when will Sonny be back as a speaker. Although he is not available to come back at our Friday Fun Night, I am partnering with him at his next event which is also at no charge.

Knowing that a lot of our members are consultants, coaches and experts, I am SUPER excited to announce that he will be revealing SECRETS that only successful consultants, coaches & experts know off which help them generate easily a SIX FIGURE annual income.

On Friday, Aug 8th at 6.30 PM my smart, intelligent, handsome husband Sonny, winner Milwaukee 6-pack 2014, is holding a free LIVE training where he'll reveal a SYSTEM followed by MANY successful consultants, marketers, experts and coaches that EASILY make a SIX FIGURE annual income.

The LIVE event is absolutely FREE to attend. There is no charge what so ever.

If you want solid, actionable training that you can immediately USE to grow your business, then RSVP NOW!

Sonny will be showing how to build a high paying consulting practice from scratch.If you're looking to take the knowledge you have now and turn it into a predicable and consistent revenue source, this training is for you.

Since this meetup is also announced at 2 other local groups, the seats will fill out fast so I strongly suggest you RSVP immediately.

Much Love,


(owner & co-founder

Board certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner

Empowering Women to Achieve their Dreams!

P.S. Sonny will show you how to get clients, how to keep them happy, how to generate leads ...everything.

P.P.S. This is your ONLY opportunity to attend this training for FREE as Sonny charges $297 for his workshops and training.

You better RSVP now before he changes his mind or all the FREE seats are gone.

Here’s More about Sonny:


So if you are a consultant, coach or an expert who wants to find out what it takes to increase your income or if YOU want to become a successful consultant, coach or an expert join me, our speaker Sonny and hundreds of other members.

This will be ONE BIG NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY for sure :-)