What we're about

This group is for people who want to take action to effectively change the accessibility of NYC. www.AXSMAP.com is the “Yelp” of accessibility, giving users the ability to rate cities, streets, subways, business, hotels, hospitals, you name it... all in real time giving free feedback to millions of users through out the world.

Our meetings are designed to accomplish 2 things:
1. Organize and participate in events that will help the disabled in real time, through advocacy, mapping (gathering data), and communicating with business and political leaders.

2. Community Brainstorm to develop new technologies to empower the disabled.

At AXSLAB, our mission is to empower the disabled and their supporters through media and technology by giving a voice to those who are overlooked because of their impairment.

Founded by Emmy award winning Jason DaSilva, “When I Walk”, who will be leading the meetings.

Please see our NY times OpEd below


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