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Overview: Join our 1000+ person strong group for all things Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality in AZ. Contact me for more info at (602) 570-4040 -dave

GOAL: We are here to advance the augmented & virtual reality industry in Arizona by connecting, informing and empowering its community.

AWE Nite AZ is a place for developers, creators, investors, founders, corporate decision makers and enthusiasts to come together to celebrate the activity and devote conviction around building an augmented reality (AR) hub in the state of ARizona

AWE Nite AZ is part of AWE, a global AR community with a reach of over 250,000 professionals all dedicated to the adoption and growth of augmented reality as the next wave of computing. AWE produces conferences dedicated to XR (AR/VR/MR) in the USA, Europe and Asia and hosts AWE Nite meetup events in Toronto, San Francisco and New York and ARizona.

If you wish to demo or promoting your product or service at one of our events, or sponsoring or volunteering at this or future events? Contact Dave Lorenzini at

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Meetups will include hands on time with the latest gear, including AR & VR HMD's (head mounted displays) smart glasses, wearables and IOT devices. We'll also have presentations from VR innovators & thought leaders, reviews & demos of new VR content, platforms & startups.

Breakout sessions will keep things actionable and interesting with sub topics of:

- xR Development, Content Creation and Workflow

- xR, AR, MR & AI Biz and Investment Opportunities

- xR, AR & Real World Gaming and Entertainment

- xR & 360 Video Development Tools and Platforms

- xR fun, games and esports

We're out to give first timers everything they need to know about what to get and do. On the business side, we're out to support and connect developers to worthwhile projects and resources, entrepreneurs and teams to new partners and talent, investors and advisors to new companies, and enthusiasts to a hell of a good time.

Bring your ideas, skills and domain experience and we'll show you how to supercharge what you're doing with VR and related technology, regardless of industry or interest. There's massive opportunity here to shift gears for anyone in gaming, entertainment, mobile, education, real estate, travel, sports, medical, ad tech and much, much more.


New to all this? Here's what to do to get up to speed & started with VR or AR


VR VIEWERS/HMD's: (What to Get)

MAY 2018 UPDATE: If you're new and just want to explore VR - This is the only headset to get: It's a comfortable, affordable ($200), All in One, portable and social, game changing device.


Everyone (Affordable): [url=http:// (]This)] $10 pocketable VR Viewer[/url] is Surprisingly Great. It works with any iphone/android mobile phone & runs any "cardboard" content. trust us. this is the one get one now, regardless if you already have one or getting another.

Developers: Oculus Rift -or- HTC Vive - Tethered (or wireless with device) full up VR experience. Pull software and experiences from the or oculus stores. If you have to pick one, the vive pro is currently what we like.


Visit for in depth reviews of all cameras and software across all price points.

360 Picture Hosting and Tour Creation: we really like zero cost option:

VR Development Tools: - defacto 3D content creation platform for ar/vr/mobile

Unreal Engine -

It's a fast changing environment so contact me if you want more info or to contribute your favorites to this list


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