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Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology has the potential to fundamentally change our everyday life. From the way we spend our recreational time to the way we work. Virtual worlds, online communities, e-commerce, educational programs and many more achievements of modern technology are already fully integrated into our life, still with the emergence of consumer AR & VR technology like the Oculus Rift, Magic Leap, HTC Vive, Moropheus and many more all this will reach a quite different level. This meetup group is for everyone who also sees the vast potential of VR & AR. Everybody is welcome from devs, designers, vr fans and entrepreneurs. The goal is to have regular events with talks, demos and networking. Let us explore this new and exciting world together!

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HOODEECon - Virtual Reality Contest and Grill Event

bitstars Büros

First AR&VR meetup in Aachen

bitstars Büros

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