Artificial Intelligence for Fun And Profit


"How I Made £500 Betting During Royal Ascot Week And What That Can Teach You About AI" should be the title for November's meeting but unfortunately meetup doesn't allow for longer titles.

We'll have Gary Short introduce us to some serious AI concepts and demonstrate how to build a model used to predict which horse will win a race explaining the weaknesses along with techniques to mitigate against them along the way.

Speaker Bio - Gary Short
Gary Short is a Data Solution Architect for Microsoft. He specialises in machine learning and “big data” on the Azure Platform, but has an interest in data science, in all forms, especially computational linguistics and social network analysis. Gary also loves creating clickbait headlines in his spare time.

Agenda - Thursday 22nd November 2018

1800 - 1825: Arrival and registration
1825 - 1830: Introduction
1830 - 1930: Artificial Intelligence for Fun And Profit
1930 - 2000: Q&A and Prize Draw