SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever! (SLUGME 6)

Aberdeen Proving Ground SOLIDWORKS User Group (APG SWUG)
Aberdeen Proving Ground SOLIDWORKS User Group (APG SWUG)
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The sixth iteration of SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever (SLUGME 6) will also be the LONGEST one ever!

This year, we're going to do something a little different. We have a THEME! Just a couple hours after the green flag waves starting the 24 hours of Le Mans, we will wave our own green flag kicking off the 24 hours of SLUGME. Beginning at 6pm in Paris, France on Aug 21st, 2021 and heading west by one time zone every hour, we have lined up 24 of the very best presentations for every user around the globe!
Drivers (presenters) who live in their respective time zone will swap out at the top of each hour and present on topics ranging from sketching to simulation and everything in between. Many will be presented in the native language of the region!

I can hear it already... "When will my local presentation begin?"
Everyone say it with me: "SLUGME 6 starts at 6!"

No matter where you are, your local presentation will begin at 6pm in your time zone. That doesn't mean that you can't join early or stay late, though. You know we love to track SLUGME stats. How many people do you predict will stick it out for all 24 presentations? Better yet, who can make it 26 hours!?

That's right! There's also going to be a pre-race show and a post-race wrap-up, hosted by the 3 amigos (Todd Blacksher, Eric Beatty and Kam Smith) along with our generous benefactor Dan WAGNER, featuring several VERY SPECIAL GUESTS. You won't want to miss it!

But, wait, THERE'S MORE! One of the best things about a user group meeting is the ability have side conversations with your friends (or complete strangers) about all things SOLIDWORKS. Well, this year we're hosting our epic live-stream on the SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel, so you'll all have the Live Chat to hang out in! Nice!

That's not all! There are rumors that other YouTubers will be running side-streams coinciding with SLUGME for anyone who wants to hang out "in person" while watching. WHAT!? So cool!

So, subscribe to the SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel and click the notification bell to receive alerts.

We'll see you on Aug 21st and 22nd!!

SLUGME Committee