What we're about

New Active Social Peaceful Protest Group of Like Minds, Sacramento Action Activist Group of Veterans & Civilians Againts the Military/Industrial Complex; Against Trump, Against GOP Extremist, Against White Supremacists, Against Russia Influence, and Against Corporate Government Control & Greed, Against Racial, Religion, Gender, & LGBTIQ Discrimination.

In support of Equal Human Rights (racial, LGBTIQ: all genders, orientation, identity, non gender binary, and marriage equality), Affordable Medical Coverage for all, Free Education, Global Warming is Real, supporting groups such as Love is Love, BLM Sac, Sac Democrats, Ruckus Society, Iraq Vets Against the War, & Together We Rise Sac! We support peaceful marches and demonstrations, with the goal of deconstructing the giant Pharmaceutical, and War Industrial Corporate Complex!

Upcoming events

No upcoming events