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Are you already familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction? Perfect.

Want to learn more about how to master the process of manifestation? Even more perfect - this meetup has been made for you!!

Learn techniques and practices you can do on your own to experience an easier, more satisfying, and more enjoyable journey towards manifesting the life of your dreams!

You'll be learning from someone who has really figured this out in a big big way, meetings are hosted by "master manifestor" Gina Mallison.

Over the last three years, Gina has listened to over 5,000 hours of Abraham-Hicks materials, from their audio-books to their seminar recordings on YouTube and continues to listen to anywhere between 3-5 hours of their material every day. Obsessed? Maybe. But take one look at the life she's been able to create by learning how to use the power of the universe to manifest her desires and you'll get it.

Gina has used the Law of Attraction to go from a single mom, $60K in debt, and jobless in late 2015, to married to the man of her dreams and a millionaire 3 years later.

Her understanding of how to get into the Vortex and stay there has allowed her to easily manifest over 20 vacations in the last 3 years including 2 weeks in Bora Bora, Australia, Amsterdam, Thailand, Cabo, New York, Boston, Grand Canyon, Singapore twice, Hong Kong twice, Vegas twice, Napa three times, San Fran twice, LA twice, the UK 4 times, and more. She's gotten to see JLo, Britney, Adele, Coldplay, Queen, Tori Kelly, and coming up is Michael Buble and Andrea Bocelli.

Serendipitous experiences have landed her a hardtop Mercedes, convertible Mercedes, convertible Jaguar F-Type, a hot red convertible Mustang GT, and two Range Rovers, all in the most magical of ways - just ask her about the stories that go along with each of those manifestations!

Gina is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach - and she's combined her mastery of those transformational coaching techniques with her knowledge of the Law of Attraction to make this all work like magic - for her and others.

Gina is SUPER eager to show you how easy it can be to get what you want!!

Connect with her online today!

Gina's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gina.mallison2000

Gina's website: https://www.alignwithhappiness.com/


Additional sources of relevant information:

Abraham Hicks: "The Law of Attraction", "Money, and The Law of Attraction", "Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent", "Astonishing Power of Emotions", "The Vortex", "Sara Book 1", "Sara Book 2", "Sara Book 3", "Getting into the Vortex - Guided Meditations"

There is a list of the best of the best Law of Attraction resources on Gina's website: https://www.alignwithhappiness.com/about-the-law-of-attraction

There's a TON of Abraham-Hicks seminar recordings available for free on YouTube! My favorite thing to do is use YouTube's search bar and type in "Abraham-Hicks ____________" (filling in the blank for any topic I want their insight on). For instance, "Abraham-Hicks attracting more money".

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