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Welcome and thank you for joining this Meetup group!

This is an all-allowing, expansive meeting, designed to take thought and manifestation to the next level! Based around the powerful Law Of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks/The Secret), we will study and implement a variety of video and audio clips, discussions and practical take-home techniques, which will really help inspire you to manifest your dreams into a reality. Whilst bringing you into alignment with who-you-really-are!

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This is a great place to be, learn and share. Whether you are completely new to this way of thinking or you have previous knowledge of the Law Of Attraction, all are invited to attend! Whatever your heart’s desire- a long-term relationship, more money, a perfect job or just to have more fun and feel good, then this really is the place to be! These principles are easy to practise and you will really FEEL the difference when you apply the work on a consistent and diligent basis.

We look forward to meeting with you. There is tremendous love for you all here.


For more information about me, the groups and law of attraction, please visit:


Nick xxx

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6pm-12.30am *NEW YEARS EVE* ONLINE LOA MARATHON!!! Last Meetup OF 2022 Xxx

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Loving this- last one was amazing, let's do it again!!! Xxx

A mix mix hourly rotation of

7.30pm MEDITATION WITH RAHMAN SIGN UP https://www.meetup.com/meditationgroup-online/

Open to all, this is going to be a fun, relaxed, powerful focus of attention to raise your vibration, appreciate your past and pre pave your future.

Join us for all of it or dip in and out as you need to.

If inspired you can send donations via PayPal

The session will go on a rotation of one hour sessions: processes, music and guided meditations and Abraham/ Law Of Attraction/ Inspiring clips from a mix of leading edge thinkers!

You can BREAK/REFRESH when we have the hour of video clips or meditations- grab a nap, a meal, bathroom break. The choice is yours!
Ease and flow!

I cannot wait to see my vibration after this!!! Xxx

www.meetup.com/LOA-ONLINE/ *ONLINE LOA MEETUPS!!!* LONDON Law Of Attraction

Raindance Film Centre



Law Of Attraction ONLINE Meetups:

TO RSVP PLEASE VISIT: https://www.meetup.com/LOA-ONLINE/

Regular ONLINE Law Of Attraction Meetups


MEDITATION every Wed+Sun evening




In this leading-edge, powerful thought group, we will do processes to help you focus and create anything YOU DESIRE. You really can be, do or have anything you want! You hold the power to create whatever you want in your life and you get to choose!!! This meetup will help you release resistance and stress holding you back, to allow your true self to shine and allow your desires to come into your life.

Nearest Tube: EMBANKMENT/CHARING CROSS (Entrance to Charing Cross is subject to works)

Please don't be late as the entrance usually needs to be locked for security reasons!

My website: http://www.nickfon.com

DIRECTIONS to ROOM 2, RAINDANCE FILM CENTRE, 10 CRAVEN STREET WC2N 5PE. (It's only a few mins walk from the station so if you're walking for ages then it's likely you're lost lol)

• Next to Charing Cross Rail Station at street level you will see PAUL'S PATISSERIE. (Across the street you should see Pizza Express+Jigsaw shop)
• With your back facing the rail station, turn to your left and walk past PAUL PATISSERIE
• One street down is CRAVEN STREET (It is the street between BOOTS and NEXT)
• Walk down Craven Street down the ramp/stairs
• Walk down the right hand side of the street
• Two doors down is a BLACK DOOR with a sign RAINDANCE FILM CENTRE
• I will be waiting by the door to let you in wearing my white hoodie. If not, then buzz the buzzer on the right (although we might not hear it, so please try to be on time lol)
• We will be in ROOM 2, down the stairs, through the mini corridor and the first room on the right!
• A picture of the entrance!

Outline of today's meetup:

•Meditative Introduction
•Member Introductions/Group discussions
•Abraham Clip
•Processes/Daily programme


Everyone is welcome to attend! An open mind and any Law Of Attraction knowledge would be beneficial!!!
This is a very relaxed atmosphere and all are warmly invited.

Nick Xxx


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