What we're about

Hello Absinthe Lovers,

This is a group for all things Absinthe. Whether you are newbie, just curious, or connoisseur to drinking Absinthe, all are welcome! Our mission is to bring back traditional and modern Absinthe drinking into restaurants, bars, lounges, events.

We offer tastings and talk about the history that has banned this delicious drink for over 100 years. We will be discuss and demonstrate various ways of preparing Absinthe (both old and modern rituals) and sample many brands that are available in the US.

Most important rule - WE DO NOT LITE ABSINTHE ON FIRE! So please don't ask...

I am also an avid Absinthe antiques collector. At times, I will display some famous pieces at events. Thank you for considering our Meetup and hope to meet you soon.

Yours truly,

Hector Guajiro

Founder, Event Organizer, Absintheur


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The Real Green Fairy Absinthe Tasting

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