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What Happens If You Die In The Middle East?
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So I found out something horrifying this year...

It was keeping me up at night, I was losing sleep and getting very anxious...

I found out that if something happened to my Wife and I, our Daughter would be given to the state, EVEN IF my Mother was in the UAE caring for her, that she would be separated from her Grandmother and that it could take MONTHS for my family to gain custody of my Daughter again...

I also found out that a will in my home country will not stand up in the courts and will not have any basis on how my estate is divided in the UAE!

Do you know what will happen to your assets if you pass away in the UAE?

Did you know that spouses, children and dependents visas will be canceled immediately?

That all your bank accounts will be frozen and your spouse could be left with nothing for months?

Now, just like any Father, I want to protect my family...

So I talked to my friend Dan Hackett and he was kind enough to introduce me to Mohammad Marria a Solicitor from Just Wills.

The following week Mohammad drove down from Dubai, we had a talk, and he explained how I can protect myself and my family.

I learned so much and the feeling of relief I had afterward was amazing.

In fact, I was so blown away with what Mohammad had to teach that I asked him to come in and give a special presentation to our group.

He will be speaking about why having a Will that is translated into Arabic and is registered in the courts, and compliant with Sharia Law is so vitally important!

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "but I don't have children" or "I am not married" or perhaps "I don't keep money in the UAE" And I would tell you that you STILL need to come to this free presentation, that there are STILL things you need to do to protect yourself. That in fact, this presentation is for ANYONE who lives in the UAE.

Join us for this free presentation and learn how to protect yourself, no matter what happens!

Mikkel Thorup

Always remember, Endeavour to Greatness

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