What we're about

Abu Dhabi Hikers

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Hikers Group.

We're a group of hikers and mountaineers
who organise mountain hiking trips in the
Arabian Peninsula, although we are primarily
a mountain hiking group we'll also always try
to find exciting places to go and enjoy
adventurous activities, particularly anything
that involves getting extremely wet and dirty.

Throughout the whole year we try to organise
regular trips, all of which you'll find organised
via our meetup presence however please be
aware we are not an open meetup group and
all members will have been evaluated for their
suitability to undertake such activities and that their personality fits the groups objectives.

You are invited to apply to join us and if you fit
the joining criteria there will be a warm welcome
by the whole group as our primary objective is to
enjoy mountain hiking amongst 'like minded'
individuals so this is more like a group of friends
than an open meetup group. If you like mountain
activities and fit in well we will certainly welcome
you into our group.

What you can expect from the Abu Dhabi Hikers

Firstly we don't do basic Instruction, Tuition or
If you are a complete beginner to mountain hiking
then you might want to take a course in mountain hiking to get the basic knowledge or you can go out
with any of the open meetup groups that organise
outdoor activities. Our interest is more in the quality
of members rather than the overall number of
members thus please do not feel personally
aggrieved if we feel you are not suitable to join us,
we will keep the group size to no more than 60 active members as
we feel there are not more active mountain hikers in Abu Dhabi.

you will be welcome to reapply in the future if you
are initially only lacking in experience and equipment.

Our group is home to many members with a wealth
of experience, skills and knowledge that we are happy
to share but it is not our responsibility to take complete
novices and turn you into mountain hikers or canyon

As we are a non commercial group, no organiser
or guide will be acting in a professional capacity but
merely leading the way on a route we know or one we
are exploring for a first time as a group, only those
who are experienced and competent in safely leading a group activity will act as guides and we'll encourage
anyone we feel has the adequate skills and potential to
undertake such a guiding role.

All group members retain full responsibility for their own
safety at all times (but also you must be responsible for
the entire groups safety).

Applying to join

Firstly, are you suitable for this group, the characteristics of a
member are that:

• You will already have an interest in mountain hiking and similar
adventures such as Canyoning.

• You will be of a personal state of health and fitness that you will
not die at the first sight of a mountain trail.

• You will be able to 'not drown' if we come across a wild water
obstacle (we deliberately aim to encounter wild water on our hikes).

• You will have 'like minded' personal characteristics to undertake
team activities and understand group safety.

If this sounds like the group, the activities we undertake and yourself
could be a perfect match then please don't hesitate to email us at: AbuDhabiHikers@gmail.com

If you are serious about joining us then we are serious about
getting you on board thus we'll send you our Joining Agreement
Policy to be read and a Joining Request Form to be submitted
if you still wish to join Abu Dhabi Hikers Group.

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