• New Members Weekend Mingle @ Hytes Bar (FREE drink for all..!)

    Hytes Bar, Southern Sun

    Are you a newbie...? New to the city...? Looking to make new friends...? Or just simply want to renew your social circle...? Making friends as adults is a challenge yet it's exciting.., and we are making it easy for YOU to make friends...! To all our new members & long-standing members, join us at Hytes Bar for a fabulous New Members Weekend Mingle where you can make some new friends & enjoy the weekend...! Our area is booked for the Expats Meetup and your host, BEN, will be there to welcome you into the group and also introduce you to many of the members who attend. Hytes bar at the very top of our Abu Dhabi hotel, on the 27th floor, takes the bar experience to new heights. The atmosphere and service at Hytes are fantastic. It is laid back and friendly with a rich and colorful ambiance - the perfect place to meet friends... Information & event details: Please READ completely Please note: The event cost will be paid by everyone - NO exceptions. - You must be 21+, Carry a valid id (passport or emirates id) NO id = NO entry - Please ask for Expats Meetup / BEN when you arrive - ADAM is hosting the evening & will welcome you warmly to the group. He will also help with intros & mingling - Event cost: AED 50 per person is payable in CASH only. The cost will be collected by BEN when you arrive - please carry the exact amount. - All members will get 1 FREE drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) - Dress code: Smart casual: NO Sportswear, NO Beachwear, NO flip flops or slippers, NO GCC traditional clothes. There is a strict dress code - if you are stopped for not meeting the dress code you will not be allowed inside - Organizers will not be able to assist. - Location: Southern Sun Abu Dhabi Hotel, Al Mina Street, Al Zahiya (Tourist Club Area), Abu Dhabi (Use GOOGLE maps to find location. Do NOT use meetup maps as they may be incorrect) In case you have any genuine questions or concerns you can reach RIMA or BEN through the meetup profile - Genuine questions only (NOTE: This is not a dating/matchmaking evening. The people attending are interested in making new friends & broadening their networks. Please be respectful of everyone) CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS http://bit.ly/Oursocials ------------------------------------------ Why should you attend our Socials? We have taken away any and all issues surrounding socializing and meeting new people in Abu Dhabi. 1. Meeting new people in groups can be intimidating. The organizers of the Expats Meetup understand this and so welcome you when you arrive in our reserved area. We then proceed to introduce you to a few like-minded people so that you can chat and settle down. 2. Our socials are very casual and laid-back affairs. We have no registration table, queues, guest lists or ceremony. All you do is walk-in like you are meeting old friends and just say hello! 3. There is a very good reason why our socials have small groups of between 10 and 30 people. That is because small groups are better for socializing and everyone can actually meet everyone else through the course of the evening. Everyone just enjoys themselves more! 4. No one is alone in our socials. No starring into glasses and watching others chatting. Our organizers will help you make connections. Just reach out to them. Organizers will be there to help you and introduce you to the other members. 5. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age, and cultural balance. No one group dominates, there are no cliques and everyone is very open to make new friends. You have no absolutely no excuse! There is no need to be shy or worried about meeting new people. Come out and join us. We will help you meet people and make new friends! ---------------MEMBER VIDEOS------------------------ https://youtu.be/QNCS7SKajD8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2wEcW9ReUU&t=41s