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Is Life Draining You? Are you tired of compromising and resigned to living a mediocre life? Are you completely stressed out and burnt out in your career? Tired of working long hours without appreciation or pay? Are your relationships falling apart in front of your eyes? Are you finding it difficult to connect with and understand your kids? Stuck in a rut? Dissatisfied with your life and have no clarity or vision with what you want to do further? Looking for accelerated Spiritual Growth and Personal Awareness? If your answer is a yes for any of the questions above, then this group is for you. What we will do in each Meetup- Each Meetup will be a Workshop where you will not only learn tools to Move Forward in life, but you will also get hands on experience of working with the tools. We take a bath everyday to wash away all the dirt and toxins we have accumulated everyday. This Meetup will give you tools to wash away your Emotional and Mental toxins. Releasing these toxins will give you a sense of freedom and a new outlook on life. Some of the tools we will be working with are Mind Control, Law Of Attraction, Creative Visualization, Dreams and Goals, Meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Radical Manifestation, Removing Blocks to Money & Success, Energy Balancing etc. Even if you are not in Abu Dhabi or the UAE, register anyway. I will soon be offering the Meetups Online

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