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A sharing of experience by current, or ex, residents and employees who have been victimized by Calgary's low-income housing's policies of Industrial Betrayal, discrimination, prejudiced and biased treatment of the low-income, the mentally ill, and those who have been marginalized by the system and then have to endure further repeated degrading abuse at the hands of a regime designed to compound and further traumatize the exact people who need their help. Your voice matters!!

The idea here is to connect with others who have been systematically deprived of basic human rights in their dealings with Calgary Housing Corp, or other low-income companies, and to bring public pressure on a very dysfunctional and dehumanizing regime designed to further oppress those who have been maginalized out of "normal" life by the psychiatric/ mental health system and wholesale Industrial Betrayal Complex that is ravaging our country, our society, our communities, our families, and our children. If allowed to continue, we can include their children and grandchildren into this equation as well.

With proper research and credible testimonies of the people willing to go to work on this insidious and ever-worsening plague upon our society, we can effect a difference from the "bottom up" because, let's face it, it's not going to improve from the "top down"...they are too invested in the oppression to think of changing it. Their investment is in keeping it all propped up so the dysfunctional regime thrives.

So, the onus is on those of us who still have a social conscience (I know you're rare!) to get something done on the grass roots level, as it's the only way - the politicians, power brokers, those holding the purse strings, and those caught in the "trauma-trap" inside their own Industry Betrayal situation and are too afraid to whistle-blow, WILL NOT do anything to improve...this much is certain.

We need to get this out to the newspapers, documentary films, magazines, local and national media, and anyone who will listen in order to protect the future generations from an increasingly damaging sytem rife with narcissistic, trauma-inducing, mind-fucking insanity that has no other pupose except to feed the insane machinery driving it.

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