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Come check us out and see how we can promote your progression in the Light! With the goal of World Peace, we work to build a community. Our Light Center is a gathering place for classes, healings and guidance and operates within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the lineage of King Salomon. The center is located in Royal Oak, MI and serves the Greater Metropolitan Detroit area.

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Empower Thyself!

PSS Detroit / Progressing the Spirit and Soul of Detroit


This 2-day intensive program will share true Mystery School teachings on how energy works and flows in your life, how to manage it and how to manifest what you desire. As taught by certified Modern Mystery School Guide, the Empower Thyself program follows the tradition of "handing down" sacred teachings, tools, and rituals from teacher to student in an ancient, unbroken lineage, providing you with the tools you need to Empower your life. This program and its completion are marked with a sacred initiation ceremony. • Benefits of the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation: • Reclaim your true power, take back control in your life • Greater ability for financial abundance and manifestation • Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance, heal yourself and protect your energy field • Gain 10 times more Light energy to empower your life's work • Opens doors for loving and joyful relationships in your life • And More! Cost is $975. A deposit of $300 is due 2 weeks prior to class to ensure your spot. Space is limited, so get your deposit in early! All major credit cards accepted. For information and/or to register, please call[masked] or [masked]. Prerequisite - A Life Activation done by a certified Life Activation Practitioner. Have you taken this class already? Want a refresher? The audit is only $295.

Awaken Thyself

PSS Detroit / Progressing the Spirit and Soul of Detroit


Many spiritual seekers will find themselves upon the steps of the Mystery School, wondering what it’s all about, asking the question of the ages, on the journey to genuinely knowing oneself. If you are that seeker, wondering “What’s next? Where do I go from here? The Awaken Thyself workshop opens up the gateway to the path of initiation. You can experience the essence of the ancient mysteries, connect to the energy of initiation, learn about the benefits, what to expect, be guided through meditation and ritual so you can make an educated and discerning decision if this path is right for you. $50/3-hour workshop**

Sacred Geometry 1

PSS Detroit / Progressing the Spirit and Soul of Detroit


Sacred Geometry is a wonderful series of teachings and tools that have been with us for thousands of years. Just as there are physical laws of geometry, there are spiritual or energetic laws of geometry as well. Creating Sacred Space for ourselves has become increasingly important for more and more of us. In this course, 3 sacred shapes of creation will be activated within your energy field, which will increase your vibration and spiritual connection. By using the power of Sacred Geometry, you will be able to: • Come to a deeper understanding of the energy and symbols of the Sacred Geometries and your connection to them • Gain a deeper knowledge of the process of creation and how the Sacred Geometries can assist in your ability to manifest • Learn to use the first 3 keys to heaven (the basic geometries) to create and protect sacred space for your own relaxation, healing and safety • Create your own personal Sacred Temple space for your use • Receive prayers you can use to awaken the Sacred Geometries within you and feed your energy field – body, soul, and spirit • Hold stronger space for your events • Become attuned to the Sacred Geometries so that you may have a deeper connection to all aspects of self Sacred Geometry 1 = $100 Sacred Geometry 1 and Astral Travel = $180.00 Payment required with registration Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express[masked]

Astral Travel

PSS Detroit / Progressing the Spirit and Soul of Detroit


Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry I. Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel = $180.00 Astral travel is the art of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the realms of the physical reality. This course teaches you the tools and techniques to expand your consciousness so that you can explore the astral planes and other dominions more safely and effectively. It also aids to improve meditation, conscious dreaming, and journeying. Astral travel is defined as the art or science of traveling outside of the body to obtain information. Whether you think that you’ve astral traveled before or not, or are simply ready to explore the universe and all that lies within it, the ability to consciously travel and obtain information will give you a powerful sense of freedom, knowledge, growth, and joy. This amazing workshop teaches you the essential theory and technique to practice and develop the skill of Astral Travel in a safe and powerful manner. Taught in the same way and with the same techniques handed down by the great masters for thousands of years, you will leave empowered to astral travel safely expanding your consciousness to anywhere in the universe. In this workshop, you will learn the to-do’s of astral travel, including: Learning to use a conscious induction process to expand your awareness beyond the limits of your physical body. How to travel safely in accordance to Sacred Law for the best possible experiences Greater awareness of how and where you can travel to receive guidance, information and experience. Physical preparation of your space and body to build a deeper connection to your travels. Rituals and prayer to protect and bless you in your travels. This is truly an essential class for all who wish to journey and expand their sense of what life has to offer. Please join us to receive the keys you need to make the most of your connection to the astral realm. Astral Travel = $100.00. If you have taken any of these classes with us before and would like to take them again, the energy exchange to audit is $25 per class. Payment required with registration Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express[masked]

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PSS Detroit / Progressing the Spirit and Soul of Detroit


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