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Do you hear the phrase "I'm sorry I don't understand you!" too often?

Do you find it hard to make yourself clearly understood? Have you hit the glass ceiling at work and find it hard to get promotion or a new job? Do you find yourself excluded from some social activities? Is it hard to access public services? These and many others are the sort of problem people with strong accents face.

This group aims to help you reduce your strong overseas accent in a friendly supportive atmosphere.


There is an introductory meeting where we cover the "Seven Secrets for Reducing Strong Accents." After that we follow Clearly Talking's proved Accent Reduction Program.

A nominal fee of $25 / session covers materials, tuition and light refreshments. You work with others in the group to keep yourselves on track and practicing between sessions.

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Accent Reduction Intensive Program

Edu-kingdom College Officer


This is an intensive version of our Accent Reduction Program. Two solid days of learning ensures you focus on the program 100%. Working in small groups away from your home environment helps create the right environment and motivation for learning. A strong accent can be a serious impediment to your career or business opportunities meaning that you get sidelined for promotion or lose business. Our program helps you reduce your strong accent so that you can communicate more easily and get the success you deserve. Subjects covered include: * Vocabulary Skills * Problem sounds including vowel sound confusion * Dealing with terminal sounds * Understanding syllable and word stress * Using Australian English Rhythms * Conversation Grammar * Cultural issues There are plenty of audio, video and print materials to support your learning, plus over ten years experience in helping people with strong accents. It's easier that you think so reserve your place now!

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Accent Reduction Program (Introduction)

Selandra Community Hub


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