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Hello fellow language learners!

Accents Are Sexy at UCLA is a language exchange club for all different languages that is run by UCLA students though the school has no direct affiliation with the club. If you are not a UCLA student but are a language learner feel free to join! All are welcome. This club is meant for people whose feel like they don't get to speak their target language enough or are too nervous to speak during class. This is an organization for all of you language and culture lovers. I want to provide a very chill environment to practice any language you fancy. Here's how it works:

We will have meetings throughout the month. Once or twice a month we will meet at the courtyard of my apartment (10 minute walk from De Neve Plaza) on a Saturday or Sunday. If anyone has suggestions off campus, I'm definitely down for some variety! You will speak only in the language that you are learning until an officer says switch languages (however, if, for example you are two English native speakers who are speaking to each other in another language you do not have to switch to English but it would be nice to find someone who wants to improve their English.)

I will always start the club by asking if there is anyone who is here to improve their English, if there isn't, no one should be speaking English unless they are speaking to an officier. Most importantly, have fun and relax. No one cares about your mistakes. We're all here to learn. :)

Languages that will always be here are French, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalong. These are the languages are officiers speak well/improving/are fluent in.

See you soon!

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Language exchange of all languages

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