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Access Bars® & Body Process Gifting and Receiving
Come along and gift a Bars® session and receive a Bars® session. Do you desire more ease in you life? Would your body like to relax, receive and enjoy more, frequently? The Bars is a tool that facilitates a different way of functioning. It helps us release all those belief systems and points of view that have been stored in your lifetime that are holding you back. Are you ready for change? What else is possible? Those who have completed a Bars® class are most welcome to come along to Gift and Receive. And if you have not yet learned The Bars® you are also welcome to come along and experience a Bars® session for $50. Light refreshments are provided as our body does often require one or some of these 4 elements afterwards - water, energy, salt and/or sugar. Please feel free to bring along something to share or add to the 'buffet'. We do have a couple of massage tables and also a couple of gravity chairs available. But if you do have either pop it in your car just incase we have a few more people show up. Would you be more willing to receive if you are more comfortable? I know I am, so will suggest especially in the cooler months bring along a blanket and a pillow for your comfort. The investment to partake in a swap is $15 each To only receive the investment is $50 each Please be sure to call or message to book a 'RECEIVE' only spot. Nicki[masked] How does it get any better than that™?

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What we're about

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

We use the tools and techniques from Access Consciousness® to empower people to create change in awareness with consciousness.

These simple tools can be learned by people from all walks of life at any age anywhere on the planet.

Access™ provides simple tools to empower you to become conscious of, and shift any area of your life that isn't working. It is an approach that cultivates a state of ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’.

One of these tools is called The Access Bars® and here is a short video that introduces you to them. A Bars session for an adult takes between 60-75 minutes. In this meetup group we share, swap and learn more of the tools. Oh and we laugh a lot and are really quite playful. So if you'd like more of that in your life come and check us out.

Find me on the Access Consciousness website ( where you can poke around more, and I'll warn you it can be a bit like drinking from a firehose once you start. You can research all over the internet, but you know having your own Bars® run is what I'd recommend. We have people in 173 countries and Access Consciousness® has been around for over 25 years.

Call 0403 704925 or message for further information or come along and quiz us.

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