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Access Silicon Valley (http://www.accesssiliconvalley.net/) is the “virtual bridge” to Silicon Valley, where startup entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs in real time, get access to and interact with, angels, VCs and great entrepreneurs that they otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to see, hear or possibly connect with. In addition we have put together valuable workshops to prepare startup entrepreneurs for the roller coaster ride of the startup world!! We encourage you to join us. Access Silicon Valley is an extension of the overall global vision to build “virtual bridges” between those cities that have great startup communities and Silicon Valley.

Access Silicon Valley began with a vision to provide startup founders access--access to educational and other information that every first time founder should know or be exposed to. This includes access to high caliber angels, VCs and “been there done that” successful, serial entrepreneurs. The Silicon Valley ecosystem is unique, which is why ASV extends beyond the geographical borders of Silicon Valley!

This community is much more than just a Meetup group…it’s the opportunity to become part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem or “mindshare” as we like to think of it. Stay tuned for an exciting journey as we deliver events and workshops that you won’t want to miss!!

For more information on many of our past events (and videos of these events), please visit our website (Access Silicon Valley) (http://accesssiliconvalley.net/).

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#3/3 - Understanding and Negotiating the "Terms" in Term Sheets

TO REGISTER, BUY TICKETS HERE: https://asv-virtual-startupfun3.eventbrite.com/?aff=meetup If you are looking to gain Angel, seed or series A funding for your startup and you want to know how the most successful startups in Silicon Valley do itt, then you won’t want to miss this workshop! This is the third workshop in a series of 3 sessions for startup founders, startup executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and developers. While advantageous to attend all 3 workshops, this is stand-alone content presented by one of Silicon Valley's most notable startup attorneys and Procopio Partner, Roger Rappoport. Save your seat now for the last session of 3 virtual workshops in the series, ASV Startup Fundamentals. This live virtual workshop you will learn: • when and from whom to take money; • when is an amount raised too much or too little, and the perils of both; • the anatomy of a term sheet; • understanding the structure of, and the provisions that will most likely be included in, a convertible debt, angel and venture financing term sheet; • how to arrive at a realistic pre-money valuation; • the impact of term sheets on existing shareholders; • the provisions that will impact control of major and day-to-day decisions at your startup; • the most recent trends relating to: - liquidation preferences Space is limited Save your seat now. https://asv-virtual-startupfun3.eventbrite.com/?aff=meetup **Registering on MeetUp alone will not secure your space. You must register through this link to receive a link to the event.** ___________________________________________________________________________ Want to get in front of a global startup audience? Sponsor tickets also available through the registration page.

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