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Accessibility Twin Cities is designed to connect and support individuals who work in – or are even simply interested in – the field of digital accessibility and accessibility testing for organizations, businesses, and government.  Our goal is to give accessibility aficionados a chance to meet, share resources, and learn together.  Content may be supplied through presentations given by members or guest speakers.

Meeting Content
Meetings will cover a range of topics that are pertinent to digital accessibility and testing.

This may include:

  • Accessibility standards and laws
  • Usability standards
  • Testing techniques
  • Client interaction/management
  • Working in team testing environments
  • Career development

Our Members
Anyone is free to join this MeetUp, but the group will reach out primarily to individuals who work with or are interested in digital accessibility as it pertains to users who live with disabilities.

Member Dues
There is an annual fee associated with membership of Accessibility Twin Cities Meetup. The fees help to offset costs of things such as event coordination, website management, closed captioning, virtual tools, and communications.

Some organizations hold prepaid memberships for their employees. Simply sign up for your free trial, then contact WeCo Operations to have your membership due waived, by emailing us at: admin@theweco.com

Please contact your employer prior to ensure that your organization participates.

Annual Membership Option
• Individual: $25.00 per year

Each membership will come with a 60-day trial. Once the 60 days are up the annual dues need to be paid or you will be removed from the group.

Individual perks:

> * Complementary meeting attendance
> * Priority registration for all MeetUps and events
> * Ongoing access to past event recordings
> * Networking with digital accessibility professionals

All ATC Meetups will be live-streamed through Zoom. Please note that if it is your first time using Zoom, you may need to download it in order to join the Meeting.

Videos of Past Events
You can access recordings and transcripts from all events here:

We now use Zoom's live auto-caption feature during all ATC MeetUp events. Accessibility is extremely important to us, so please don't hesitate to email us at pr@theweco.com about any questions, accommodation requests, or if you have any difficulties accessing the events.

Do you have suggestions for topics, or are you interested in presenting to the ATC MeetUP membership? Contact Meetup Organizer, Ellen DeCesare at ellen@theweco.com

Upcoming events (3)

Barrier Breakers: A Celebration of Disability Employment (NDEAM)

Needs a location

Meet professionals living with disabilities who've built successful careers and challenged traditional disability employment views!

About this event

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. So often this month focuses on the barriers people face in disability employment. This year WeCo is leading a celebration of professionals who are breaking barriers by creating successful careers.

Inspiration for employers who want to start and expand their diversity hiring, as well as job seekers who live with disabilities!

You'll meet:

Carrie Salberg, Independent Living Manager at Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Read about Carrie on LinkedIn

Jeremy Whelan, Facility Services Leader at General Mills
Read about Jeremy on LinkedIn

Dr. Andre Watson, Clinical Psychologist at Your Vision for Life Psychological Services
Read about Andre on his business website

Paul Pranghofer, Enjoyed a long career as a programmer/system analyst for well-known organizations like the University of Minnesota and Control Data Corporation. Paul has also been an adaptive high school sports officiant for the past 40 years. He goes on mission trips with his church, including multiple trips to Slovakia, Haiti, and Liberia.

Sign up for this event via the Eventbrite listing here:

Defending Accessibility

Link visible for attendees

Since 2013, website accessibility lawsuits have risen exponentially in the US. A growing prevalence of "drive by" lawsuits as well as non-plaintiff driven cases are also becoming more common. Whether you work for a large corporation, or own a small business, chances are increasing that you may deal with a digital accessibility legal suit now, or in the future.

But there are proactive ways you can avoid, and prepare for, potential digital accessibility lawsuits.

Leading this month's dicussion will be Attorney Amanda J Beane, of Perkins-Coie, a legal firm with experience in defending digital accessibility for the clients. Amanda will share her expertise on how to respond to complaints, letters, and ways you can shield your organization from potential threats.

Don't miss out on this informative and captivating discussion!

Accessibility Overlays: Ask the User

Link visible for attendees

Accessibility overlays are touted as an "easy fix" for accessibility issues on websites. But the reality of how they work for users with disabilities is very different. In fact, overlays are increasingly adding to the number of website accessibility lawsuits surging in the US legal system.

This month, WeCo's Accessibility Specialists and Testers who are native screen reader users, have come together to create a special user/technologist panel. You'll be able to hear about their experiences navigating websites with overlays and working with clients who use them.

Whether your organization has used, or considered using an overlay, or if you're just curious about how they really work for users, you won't want to miss this MeetUp.

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Role-Based Analysis of WCAG 2.2

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