AI and Disabilities: How it's Leveling the Playing Field

Accessibility Twin Cities
Accessibility Twin Cities
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Located in the new T3 Building: take the driveway between Dock Street Flats and Dejavu Night Club (NOT directly located on Washington.) Park behind the building come up to second floor. We'll be in the Cafe!

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AI (artificial intelligence) is changing the lives of those of us who live with disabilities rapidly, making day-to-day life easier. It is also leveling the playing field by expanding our options for accessing services, completing tasks and more.

Join us for a special panel of WeCo Accessibility Testers and Specialists, all of whom live with disabilities, and find out how they use AI in their daily lives. The panel will include individuals who live with all 4 disability classifications recognized by the US Department of Human Services: cognitive, hearing, mobility and sight.

You'll be able to ask the panel questions, so get yours ready!
Here's a few we're preparing for:

How do we use speech-driven AI devices like Alexa, in our homes?
How the internet of things is changing our lives?
What mobile apps and features work best for different types of disabilities?

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