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Yoga50Plus (Wednesdays in Casselberry, FL)
Kundalini Yoga50Plus (designed for those of us over 50) is the yoga that is available to everyone, regardless of their level of physical ability. You can practice in a chair or on a mat. Improve your health, change your attitude, and have some fun with this gentle, mindful, therapeutic, chair based approach to your yoga practice. We’ll explore the many ways that yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities, physical challenges, chronic illness, seniors, and anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in other yoga classes. You do not have to be 50 or over to attend. Many of our students are younger. All ages, all body types, all abilities are welcome. The title Yoga50Plus is just to make sure that seniors appreciate that these classes are suitable for their needs, too. As with any meditative process, this gentle, enjoyable movement practice is great for stress reduction. As with any movement practice, you must have the approval of your physician before starting. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Each session will open with a grounding practice to set the intention for the session. Then, we will step through a series of gentle asanas (flexibility exercises or repetitive movements) with a focus on being mindful in the practice. Each asana in this type of yoga is adaptable to what ever your level of practice is for that day. Everyone will be doing self adjustments (adapting movements, taking rests) in each asana. Each asana will aid in expanding the body's flexibility, as well as assist in balancing the nervous and glandular systems. These exercises are typically done while sitting in a chair, but they are fully suited to a yoga mat. If you prefer to use a yoga mat, blanket, rug, please bring one with you, or you are welcome to use the carpeted floor. Between each asana, there will be an opportunity to relax and repeatedly to tune into the body, growing and expanding our awareness of the present moment. In addition, near the end of the session, we have a period of deep relaxation (shavasana) which often includes a teacher directed guided relaxation. We close each class with a resting meditation (shavasana). The purpose of all yoga is to prepare the mind for meditation, and so in keeping with tradition, we unite the body, mind and spirit in a short meditation. Each session will start with the same sequence of asanas that are easy to remember, so you can lead your own practice at home between sessions and after the end of this workshop. Come join us while we have fun and work on issues such as: Arthritis Diabetes Disease Resistance Flexibility Hypertension As with any meditative process, this gentle, enjoyable movement practice is great for stress reduction. As with any movement practice, you must have the approval of your physician before starting. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Fee: $10

Sat Nam Wellness Center

207 O'Brien Road · Casselberry, FL

What we're about

Join your mind and body into an integrated unit for creating positive change in your life.

Improve your life by calming your mind, relaxing your body, changing your thoughts.

Accessible Yoga, a practice of gentle movements and stretches with deep breathing that can improve flexibility, energize the body, strengthen the nervous system, calm the mind, and help you deal better with stress.

This group includes various classes in Kundalini Yoga and other forms of gentle movement practices and meditation. The classes may be at various locations around the Orlando metro area.

These classes are for people interested in gentle yoga movement practices and meditation techniques. All people, all ages, all levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged to attend.

These practices are designed to be adaptable to all levels of ability (feel free to practice in a chair instead of a yoga mat), but they have powerful results especially when practiced on a regular basis. They help release tension, improve balance, increase focus, and develop inner calm.

In any class, you are welcome to limit or to abstain from the movement part of the practice. The goal is NOT to be perfect in the practice. The goal is to move, to do, to do what you can, and grow over time.

If there are any medical condition, injury, pregnancy, concern, etc., please consult with your doctor prior to attending.

Any questions, email

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I am 72 years old and have always found Yoga to be very painful and not enjoyable. Ty's classes are different and designed for people like me. I'm very stiff, have never worked on stretching or flexibility. In Ty's class, in a gentle way, I am able to stretch and exercise. Most of the time from a sitting position. The atmosphere and back ground music are relaxing. I would recommend giving Ty's yoga class a try. No contract, pay as you go. If you like it keep going. Nothing to lose. - - K.M.

I always look forward to going to Ty's Yoga50Plus program - I feel both energized and relaxed after every class! It is great to be able to 'come as you are,' start where you're at and let your body guide you on how far to take each movement. The calm music, the short rests in between movements and the final meditation are so soothing - it makes the body work your doing, very enjoyable rather than something to get over with!' This is a wonderful way to de-stress and keep fit! - - I. H.

Your class is highly morivating.- - C. S.

Ty's Yoga50Plus class is really a class for all ages. Do not let the name fool you. Since I am well under 50, but have some physical limitations that do not bode well with sitting on the floor for any extended period of time that would be required in a regular yoga class, this class has allowed me to participate in a yoga practice. I have noticed my range of motion and stamina improving within a few classes. This yoga practice does range from the easy to the challenging with modifications to suite the individual's needs. I appreciate the light and fun atmosphere that Ty has created. Namaste!- - A. W.

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