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Welcome to the Accountability Group Network.

Backed by research and theory, this group explores the concept of accountability in depth and provides a practical structure encouraging members to set goals, be accountable for their goals in a group setting and acquire the skills needed to fulfil these goals.


· Accountability Group Vancouver is broken into Accountability Groups of 3-6 people based on values, interests, lifestyle, and personal mission. Groups meet consecutively to evaluate progress, discuss challenges and celebrate successes.

a. An Accountability Group is a working concept that some currently practice. Recommendations that are encouraged are based on testimonials from individuals already part of an Accountability Group.

· An online forum with the full Accountability Group Network will allow groups to interact, share experiences and engage in discussion.

· Monthly workshops are provided on various topics allowing members to critically think about various areas in life in relationship to accountability and gain knowledge as well as practice skills to support their endeavour towards creating the life they envision.

“Five-Year Plan” goal setting workshops will also be held giving members the tools to build a foundation i.e. to set, measure and achieve goals. During these workshops we will strive to achieve a “flow state”; striving to cancel out external noise and enter the deepest level of who we are and what we need.


How to get Involved:

1. Introduction Meeting: Come out and decide whether this group is right for you

2. Second Meeting: Join an Accountability Group – it is mandatory that you attend an Introductory Meeting prior to coming to the Second Meeting

a. Explore tools used by the Accountability Group Network that assist us in being effective and cohesive

b. Engage in a discussion around group culture, commitment and expectations

3. Goal Setting Workshop: Attend a Goal Setting Workshop to get you started on the right foot

4. Accountability Group Network Workshops

a. Learn with the Accountability Network

b. Increase the “tools” in your “toolkit” assisting you to empower yourself and create the life you envision

c. Collaborate. Be part of the process. Interested in a certain topic - suggest it to the group. Are you an expert in a certain topic? Run a workshop. Would you like to engage in healthy debate/ discussion on a certain topic? Learn if others are interested in the same area.

d. Surround yourself with a diverse group of people striving to achieve their goals and enhance accountability and self-responsibility in their lives

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Accountabil... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AccountabilityGroupVancouver/about/)

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