What we're about

What we're about
This is for anyone looking to challenge themselves and improve upon their goal-setting techniques (such as using the S.M.A.R.T technique). The primary focus will be on ACCOUNTABILITY.

Our Story:
One day, some buddies and I were chatting it up with some friends and “complaining” about why we just couldn’t “lose weight”, “get that raise”, “get noticed at work”, and/or “letting go enough/delegating work”. We started to organically peel the onion back without even realizing what we were doing. After some time over coffee and back-n-forths, we started setting what we initially called mini-goals. Low and behold, the next time we met, we talked about those min-goals and how we actually made progress! And so began, Accountability Partners.

We have an open and respectful atmosphere however, this is not for anyone who needs a babysitter. Free-riders will be held accountable for their performance. We expect that each person joining the group has the drive to set goals and wants to reach them. Each partner is expected to participate fully in discussions and is expected to be open to CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. The challenge is to challenge yourself in meeting your goal and succeeding in whatever area you want to move forward in. Please note that there is an element of trust involved in having accountability partners, and therefore, it is incumbent upon members to a) show up to meetings and b) be prepared to share and participate. If the creators of the group determine that a member is a free-rider or disrespectful/disruptive, that member will be removed immediately without notice.

Attire: CASUAL attire is good. We will meet at different locations throughout Broward County such as coffee shops, restaurants and parks nearby.

Bring a notebook/journal in order to outline your goals. You are expected to bring these goals back to the follow-up meeting(s) to report on your progress and challenges. Hopes and dreams are wonderful but without a plan of action, that is all they will be.

Thanks, and we are excited to share in whatever success Accountability Partners brings to your life!!!

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