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This is a group designed to gather all Arizonans who are Asexual, or are questioning, and/or are friends and allies of us Aces. Whether you label yourself as Asexual, Demisexual, Grey-Asexual, Aromantic, Homoromantic, Heteroromantic, Lithromantic, Sapioromantic, Biromantic, Polyromantic, Panromantic, and/or any that have not been mentioned, come join us for regular Meetups all around Arizona! Many of us have met through sites like AVEN, FetLife, Facebook, the local GLBT communities, or other Meetups in the past, but we are looking for more to participate in the fun conversations, board games, random topics, mutual interests, food/coffee, raising Asexuality Awareness, educating each other on Asexual topics, and best of all, meeting new interesting people! Sometimes we carpool and meet half way between Tucson and Phoenix. So, don't be shy if you live outside Phoenix or Tucson! Chances are someone lives near you who can arrange a carpool with you to split gas! You can also find us on Facebook in a closed group called "Aces of Arizona". The link is: and we will honor your request to join.

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