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How to Create Your Own Pace so You Can Be Happy and Confident
You can regain control, step of the treadmill and get out of today’s hectic pace to feel powerful, confident and certain of where you’re going, by learning to slow down and pay attention to the rhythm of your life. This is for you if: • You feel like you’re running on a treadmill and it’s never going to stop • You find that life’s hectic pace makes it hard for you to get a grip on what you need to feel good • You know that some structure routine would make you feel better but you still get sidetracked by by whatever comes your way • You’ve had enough of the rollercoaster and you’re ready to do what it takes to get off In this talk you will learn: • The dangers of today’s hectic pace and how you could be harming your health • How to tune in to your own rhythm and orient your life around it • How to build your lifestyle around a pace that makes you thrive • How to make your rhythm or cadence a lifelong practice

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